The Rebelz: "The Beginning"

In a post-apocolyptic war, where the evil New Government Order rules the once free nation of the United States, a group of teens rally together to rebel against the NGO and their totalitarian goals, to eventually take back their country and everything that was horribly ripped away.
Meet Roxy.
With no parents and no life to call her own, the red-haired, hot-headed 17 year-old joins up with the group known as "The Rebelz." The evil NGO controls everything now, and she wants to put a stop tyranny for good...
The country of the United States and it's original government and laws have all been erradicated and replaced with the NGO's own cruel laws and punishments - the USA is no more, and is known as New America with a new set of rules.

THIS is their story..

Copyright 2013 - 2014 This story is my own!! All rights reserved.


11. Sal Comes Up With A Plan

Chapter ELEVEN


Afterwards, Blake and I set out to round up our friends. The plan would go down like this:

We'd fly a plane to Wyoming, since driving or walking was definitely out of the question. We'd find a place to land the plane, then we'd hijack a chopper (somehow). Jax and Blake would man the chopper and stay up in the air in case the ground team needed help.

The ground team's job was to sneak into the mining facility, which was hidden inside of a mountain. I was the leader of the ground team, along with the twins, Jane, and Ella. Our job was to get in, destroy the crystal ammo stuff with detonating explosives and take some samples if need be, then get the heck outta there as fast as we could before the set timer to the bombs went off. This would be another bombing expedition, courtesy of the Rebelz. The Ground Team would hurry to the Extraction Point, which was at the very top of the facility above ground. There, we'd meet Jax and Blake with the helicopter and, with a little luck, we'd escape scott-free, with enough time before the timer went off. I desperately hoped our plan would work.

I suspected we'd run into some complications inside the mine, but that was the story of the rebellious life, kids! We Rebels didn't accept this dangerous life for nothing.

I went to the Tech Room to see how Jax and Rickie were doing, followed by the rest of my team. When we walked in, we found them busy arguing over the laptop Rickie was always so attached to like super glue. Jackie was doing something else off to the side, ignoring the boys' bickering.

"No, I want to work it. Mr. Smith is MY laptop, and only I know how to use him!" Rickie was saying as the rest of my gang and I walked in.

"But you're part of the Ground Team. It's my job to get you and everyone else on the Ground Team safely through the mine. Besides, I don't have a laptop, and the Jacksonian isn't close to being ready. Plus, it isn't portable." Jax explained.

"Well, that sounds like YOUR problem," Rickie retorted, frustrated that he was losing this debate. I, for one, was about ready to deck them BOTH over the head. I was getting tired of all the bickering; it was all anyone did these days.

I knew first hand just how stubborn both of them could be; we all knew that. So Rickie ended up losing the debate in the end, with the help and betrayal of his twin sister.

"Just let him use it, Rickie. I'm sure Jax will take good care of Mr. Smith. Stop being a big baby about it." Jackie told him off.

Her twin turned on her, throwing her an accusing glare. "You're supposed to be on my side! Just because you have a humongous crush on him and you think he's hot doesn't mean you have to stand up for him and betray your own TWIN; I'm your flesh and blood; you're stuck with me no matter what!" He pointed out.

Jackie's face flushed darkly, turning beet red. "I do NOT--"

"OKAY you two, that's enough! We need to get down to business, so shut it with the insults!" I ordered, desperately trying to get back on track. We needed to be focusing on the task at hand.

Rickie went back to glaring at Jax. "Just turn him off while you're thinking, got it? He can easily overheat if you're not careful. And he doesn't like it when you talk about Macbooks in front of him; he's very sensative."

Jax gave Rick an incredulous look. "WHAT? " He was at a loss for words at the moment, so that was a good time as any to intervene.

"Anyways, as I was saying, we need to focus on the mission ahead of us. So Jax, Rickie; quit the bickering and cool it. Rick, quit being a baby and act more mature than you usually aren't." I demanded.

"What?--" he exclaimed, his voice raising up an octave, but before he could go on, I cut him off.

"Enough! Focus please! We have a complex mission to be precisely carried out and executed; we cannot fail. So everyone just shut up and listen!" I demanded sternly, giving each of them a level-headed stare that shut them up easily.

No one moved or barely even breathed, serious once more, so I began my "talk."

"Okay guys. There's going to be guards and traps no doubt all over the mining facility. It won't be as easy as the bomb factory was, since it'll be harder to blend in, since the mine is top secret. We'll have to sneak in and sneak out quietly without raising the alarm. We'll sneak in, get some samples of this radioactive crystal, set the charges, and get the heck outta there alive. Understood?"

A chorus of understood's, yep's, and aye's echoed in reply as all of them nodded in understanding.

I took a deep breath, releasing all the tension that had been built up inside me. Now that that was out of the way, it was time for action - something I was very good at. "Alright... Blake and Jane; go gather some detonator charges from that old Hot Topic store. Jax and Rickie, you two go get us a plane."

Jax looked at me, and I swore I saw a glimmer of something in his bright eyes. "Get a plane? I-Is there... any specific way you want us to get one?" he asked tentatively.

I raised an eyebrow at him. He couldn't be that dumb; after all, he was the one that had the highest IQ of anyone in the whole universe! "Do you know of any places where you can just buy a plane??" I pressed, trying not to roll my eyes in frustration. "What the hell do you think I'm asking you to do? Waltz into a hanger and borrow a plane that easily!?"

A sly grin spread slowly across his lips as he finally got the message. "Oooooohh, I see... Okay, then; let's do this! Come on, Rick." He lightly nudged Rickie's shoulder. Jax had a gleeful grin on his face, rubbing his hands together greedily as Rickie hacked into a local plane rental network, getting the details and plane manifests.

Jax sighed in content. "Ahhhh, I can't wait to get the Jacksonian working! ...Oh! " He turned to me, his freaky yellow-green eyes alight and dancing.

On a side note, he had the freakiest, most unusual eye color I'd ever seen. For real, they freaked me out and I could never quite look the kid in the eyes whenever he looked at me like he was doing then...

"I'm working on a high-tech computer that will be able to hack into almost anything. Sweet, huh? It's gonna be a freaking masterpiece when I'm done with it." He said proudly. He sure did like his little mechines..

I was ready to make a sarcastic remark on how much of a dork he was, but closed my mouth, thinking better of it. We'd need one of those some day, it would come in real handy. So instead, I just smiled and nodded.

Rickie began clicking furiously away on his laptop's keyboard, easily hacking into the site's employee chat room. When he did this, I was thinking, 'Oh gosh... what is he doing? Someone take that stinkin' computer away from him!'

Rickie cackled with glee - yes, actual cackle-age; Wicked Witch of the West style. "Now, let's see.. Spread some lies ... Start some rumors ... spread some more lies ... wait for the stock to pop up ... Excercise stock options ..."

BANG! Rickie hit the enter key when he was finished,examining his dirty work. "There! Man, how did people steal anything before computers?"

I rolled my eyes. "Alright, you've had your fun. Now quite fooling around and get to work. We have a lot to prepare." I reminded him. When Rick got that Mischevous glint in his eyes, you tend to be wary, wondering what devious plan he was stirring up this time. I decided to leave him at it before things took a turn for the worst. Besides, I had other more important, and less foolish, things to do at that moment.


When Roxy left, along with everyone else, Jax turned to Rickie. "Dude, I'm sorry about taking your computer. Really, I am. But you're needed with the Ground Team. Look at you; you're fit. You don't need to waste your life away at a computer.. that's my job. I'm the fat one, leave that to me."

Rickie eyed Jax's skinny form. "Yeah right! Look at YOU, Mr. Martial Arts, Kick-Ass Guru." He rolled his eyes, getting to work stealing an airplane, while Jax worked on putting together the componants for his supercomputer.

When he examined the half-finished computer, however, Jax couldn't find a few particular parts to it that he needed. Some were missing, and he knew just who the culprit was.

"Uh... Rick, you forgot some key componants to the Jacksonian." Jax searched through the pile of supplies crammed on his desk to find the ones Rickie had missed.

"Oops, my bad." Rickie replied in a monotone, too engrossed in his typing to really put any emotion into his voice.

"You got me outdated hardware and forgot several componants that are required to run this thing... And personally, I rather like software with my hardware, but maybe that's just me.." Jax shook his head at his friends' carelessness, sifting through his pile of crap. "You can't do anything right."

"Har-har," Rickie mocked. "Don't give me that. Some people only seem to see me as a loser who achieves nothing, when - in reality - I'm a winner who knows how to set realistic goals." Rickie claimed defensively.

Jax turned around to eye him, amused, and Rickie saw the disbelief in his eyes. "Oh, so you're some sort of genius then?"

Rickie sighed mockingly. "And yet, my only goal was to have a pulse..." he muttered.

Jax shook his head. Smirking, he turned back around, back to his computer. "Just get back to work, Smarty Pants, and go steal yourself a plane."

"Fine, fine." Rickie relented, going back to his typing again. After he'd made the specific arrangements, Rickie exited out of the Rent-a-Plane site and continued to sort through as much of the NGO files as he could. He decided to check out more about this radioactive "ammo" for that big gun the bad guys were making.

After what seemed like ages, he discovered something that intrigued him.

"Hey Jax, come look at this." Rickie waved him over.

"What's up?" Jax stood and walked over to his friend, looking over his shoulder to stare at the monitor screen.

"I found another Top Secret document describing the crystalized ammo for the Gun of Mass Destruction." Rickie pointed to the document showing on the screen, pulling up a photo of a syringe with blue liquid that reminding him of the color of Gatorade. "It says here that the scientists would inject this blue liquid-filled syringe into a test subject and the effects were tremendous.. It can give the injectee superpower-like abilities. The person's powers varied depending on the person; not one person had the same powers because each body reacted differently to the chemical liquid." He trailed off, skimming the rest of the document. "However, there are some very harmful side effects to it. One of them is death." Rickie said solemnly.

Both boys were quiet as this new information sank in. The NGO were testing this harmful chemical on innocent test subjects, probably to raise some sort of super army. They had to stop this before it got out of hand.

Jax took control of the mouse, scrolling down the page to read the rest. "Superpower gel, huh? Damn, this is insane. The NGO guys sure paid a lot of dough for this stuff.. 'Smashed up crystals that's been watered down?' " he read one line of the document aloud. "Man, this reminds me of all those Sci-Fi shows I used to watch forever ago. Doesn't it to you?"

Rickie turned to him and nodded, his hazel eyes alight. "You watched the SyFy channel, didn't you? What other shows did you watch?"

Jax frowned as he continued to stare at the monitor, deep in thought. "Battlestar, Stargate, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Terra Nova, Fringe... And way back when - oh crap, what was that one show called? Flash Gordon?" He looked at Rickie for confirmation.

He just raised an eyebrow out of amazement and awe. "Really? No way, same here dude!" Rickie held up his hand and the two boys high-fived one another. "Those were some butt-kicking shows, man."

"Definitely. I also watched the British Sci-Fi channel as well. They always had some good shows, too." Jax recounted, reminiscing.

Rickie turned completely around in his chair, a hand gripping the back. "BBC America?" He inquired, his face in a state of awe.

Jax smirked at his geeky friend. "Close your mouth, you're drooling.. And yeah, it was BBC. There were some cool shows on there."

Rickie's face lit up like the sun. "I still have my sonic screwdriver! It doesn't really work anymore, but I still got it! Not to mention Elizabeth Sladen's autograph. I was going to retire on that when I got older, but --"

Jax interrupted his friend before he had a full on nerdgasm. "Dude, you're such a nerd." He teased, his trademark lopsided smirk on his lips.

Rickie just shrugged, unphazed. "Well you brought it up. Nerdy is as Nerdy does, as they say.. Besides, if I remember correctly, it was YOU who was having a nerdgasm over Torchwood a month ago." He grinned.

"Hey, it's not my fault that show was butt-kicking awesome."

"I thought the Sara Jane Adventures were better - hence the autograph. Sorry, not a humongous fan of gay-sex scenes." Said Rickie.

Jax rolled his eyes. "Of course you'd bring that up; it's not every day you go telling gay-sex jokes to the little kids..."

"HEY - I've gotta use my talents somehow..."

"What talents?" Jane inquired, walking in at that point to interrupt their little Geek-fest. "By the way, Sal told me to get you guys; he wants to know what you guys have found."


An hour later, after our plans were settled, my team and I stood before the crowd in front of our fellow Rebelz standing below us in the lobby as we stood up on the balcony. Sal stood with us, with Trina next to him, looking out over the railing at the huge throng of kids and teens alike; our rebel army (somewhat).

"We have come up with a plan. The last thing I want you to do is to start worrying after I tell you what the New Government Order is planning, but you all have the right to know." Sal spoke to the crowd. An uneasy murmur of voices, shocked and nervous, rippled through the crowd.

"Now, listen carefully and remain calm. Roxy's infiltration team at the bomb facility recovered a computer chip containing the NGO's Top Secret plans, filled with many documents describing ideas, blueprints, and experiments NGO has done. We're still sorting through it all, but we found something that we couldn't pass up."

Everyone went absolutely still, transfixed as Sal went on to explain what we had found. I swear, no one was even breathing.

"Jax and Rickie found plans to a dangerous weapon that could destroy a single city with one shot, destroying anything and everything in its path - worse than the recent bombings. We also found the location of the weapon's ammo. Roxy's team is going to destroy it, led by our new recruit and captain of our security department, Blake." He gestured to Blake beside him, who bowed his head slightly to the crowd, while everyone clapped. I had heard the news of his acceptance earlier, and was glad he was one of us now; we needed his skills and talents at the moment, now more than ever.

"The team will leave as soon as possible." Sal finished, dismissing everyone after that.

As the crowd dispersed - walking away in clumps and whispering nervously to one another at the recent news - Sal turned to my team. "Everything should be ready to go. Gather everything that you might need. I'll have someone make sure you make it to your plane."

He walked by, shaking each of our hands as he passed. "I wish you all good luck, and that you make it back to us in one piece. God speed to all of you."

When Trina made it to me, she wrapped me tightly up in a surprise hug. It took me a few seconds to actually hug her back. "Good luck out there, Rox. Just be careful, okay? You never know what the NGO has up their sleeves."

When she released me, I put one hand on her delicate little shoulder and looked her straight in the eyes. "I will, don't worry. I can take care of myself. If any of their soldiers get in my way, they'll sorely regret it. They need to pay for all the horrible things they've done." I told her, my voice like hardened steel.

Trina gave me a sad little smile, trying to put a brave face on, and I all about melted right there; She was the sweetest thing... Sal was so lucky. Those pretty blue eyes could turn your heart to mush just looking at them!

Sal came up beside her to whind an arm around her slim waist. She leaned into him for support as Sal gave me an encouraging smile. "Make sure you do that; give them Hell, Roxy."

And that's just what I was going to do.  



This is dedicated to my good friend Ryan, who I've based my character Rickie off of. He's helped me with the humor part of my story (especially the Geekfest between Rickie & Jax in this chapter - along with many of Rickie's sassy combacks, comments, and sarcastic remarks). He's the one who keeps me motivated to write this story and I don't know what I'd do without him xP XD <3 <3



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