Cassie is thrilled when she meets Harry, But is it really what she expected? Is he really 'Mr.Nice guy' or 'The Guy' that evry one says is BAD!


1. The High school

Cassie's P.O.V

  They are everywhere.No one likes them.They call themselves,'One Direction'. I call them,'No Direction' seeing that they have no lives and no where to go. Harry...Is the baddest out of all of them. Liam has a soft side for girls they pick on. Hi,im cassie and i hate one direction.




Today is October 2 and im getting ready for school. i decide to wear a and pink and black stripe shirt and a black skirt and some converses.Do I want to curl it or keep it straight? I dont care. Bye mom!...and abusiave dad...Did I mention my dad is SUPER abuseive? Let me tell you something about this 34 year old man, so called my dad.My dad's name is Terrence,Terrence Clyde. He is abusive because of his mother dying of cancer,my grandma. My mom is the one who gets abused,and sometimes me. Im scared and so is my mom. We are planning to leave tonight,at exactly 3:00. 


And i will never miss him...When i escape...





~Hey guys! So i made a new story! This is the one i'll be OFFICALLY continuing. !!!!!!~


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