Brooklyn and me

What happens when14 year old Rachel moves to London and her mum works for Victoria Beckham. Will Rachel finally meet her crush Brooklyn and be amazed or will he be a jerk?


6. Training

Rachel's POV

Me- I still want to train though

Coach- Ok everyone run 4 laps rachel you run 1 and a half

I started to run and suddenly someone taps my left shoulder so I look but Moines there so I look forward again and there is Brooklyn with a huge big smile on his face.

me- hey

brooklyn- hey you ok?

me- yeah I'm good what were you going to say back at the hospital 

brooklyn- I was going to say I think Natalie dislikes you because she asked me out last week at school and I rejected her

me- oh that makes sense

Cody's POV

Brooklyn is doing the laps with Rachel I am so envious of him but oh well I suppose besides Brooklyn is one of my best mates Rachel will end up hanging out with us at school.

i ran up beside them

me- hey guys

Brooklyn- hey

Rachel- hi 

after training finished 

Rachels POV

Brooklyn- hey your mum is at my place do u want to come hang out some of the boys will be coming from the team

me- yeah sure I would love to

We got to Brooklyn 's house and there was me, Brooklyn, Cody, Martin, Liam, Zack.

we went to brooklyn a room and sat down

Brooklyn- what do you want to do?

Martin- what about spin the bottle

Zack- yeah

Liam- sounds like fun

Me- sure

cody went first it landed on me 

Cody- Truth or Dare

Me- Truth

Cody- What is your favourite video game


They spun it again it landed on Martin 

Martin- dare

Me- I dare u to prank call Natalie and tell how madly in love Brooklyn is with her.

after a while we got bored so watched a movie.

Me- I'm going to get some water 

i got up and walked to the kitchen

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