Brooklyn and me

What happens when14 year old Rachel moves to London and her mum works for Victoria Beckham. Will Rachel finally meet her crush Brooklyn and be amazed or will he be a jerk?


1. the move

Rachel's POV

I woke up to a small ray of light creeping in from between the curtains, I slowly opened my eyes and thought about how this one light ray of light had travelled for millions of years for billions of miles and found its way throw the small crack in my curtains. I wish I could take a jar and capture the purity and beauty of this small beam and keep it forever but alas all too soon the small glimmering beam of light will have moved on. I pulled myself to an upright position and clambered out of bed. I slowly made my way to my wardrobe and tripped over a box. You see we are moving house not tomorrow but the next day, to London. I pulled myself up and and went into my wardrobe, I picked out a pair of faded denim shorts, a football top and a pair of converse. I tied my hair into a high pony tail and went downstairs.

Me- Morning

Dad- Morning honey, have you had breakfst?

Me- No, I'm just going to make some toast, would you like a cup of tea?

Mum- yes please

Dad- yes please

I walked through and put the kettle on. The reason we are moving house is because my mum got a new job working for... VICTORIA BECKHAM!!!!!! It's not actually victoria I'm excited about, It's her son Brooklyn Beckham. He is the same age as me and I have had a crush on him ever since I watched my fist football game with my dad and saw him sitting with his mum watching his dad play.

The kettle boiled and I made the tea and took it through.


Dad- thanks

Mum- Thanks, Oh and while I remember you and I are going down to London tomorrow and your dad isn't coming till next week ok so it will just be me and you for a week.

Me- oh ok I'll go make sure everything is packed.

I walked back up stairs and packed everything. It was now 4 in the evening and we had dinner because we were getting up at 12am to drive down and so mum wanted a good 8 hour sleep at least. Mum and I went to sleep at 5:00pm and woke up at 12:00am and drove for 7hr 30 mins so we got there at 7:30am and sleep till 11:00 am. We got up and had something to eat and mum said

MUM- We are going to meet victoria in 1hr

me- am i coming?

Mum- yeah thats why i said we

I went upstairs to my new room had a shower and picked out a pair of converse a pair on baby blue shorts and a football shirt (His dads old team) I then half french braided my hair then into a pony tain  I out a littlle mascara on grabbed my phone and went down stairs


I pressed the door bell and we went in Victoria was polite to me and said her son who was my age woulld be here soon. I stood in the hall waiting, so I decided to look at something on the wall. I stood back and went to turn around. I walked straight into some one and fell onto the ground, Not that I noticed at first but I also broke a nail.

Me- I'm so sorry *looking down*

???- It's ok I should have been paying attention,

Me- No It's completly my fault.

???- Here let me help you up

I saw a hand stretched out and I looked up... OMG I'ts Brooklyn

Me- Thanks, I'm such a clumsy

Brooklyn- No It's cool

Brooklyn"s POV

OMG she was beautiful, she had bluey green eyes that you could easily get lost in, a beautiful smile and the most adorable scottish accent I have ever heard. She had sort of dirty blonde har with purple dip dye and she wasn't much shorter than me just an inch or two, Which I like.

Me- Want to come play video games?

Her- are you sure you can cope with being beaten by a girl?

Me- If I knew her name I would be a lot easier.

Rachel- My name is Rachel

Me- I like it

Rachel- Thanks

1hr and 30 mins later

Debbie( rachels mum)- Rachel It's time to leave

Rachel- Erm... I have to go

She beat me at 5 different games, What even

Me- Uh yeah sure, can I have your number so maybe we can hang out again?

Rachel- yeah sure

Yasss!!!!! I got her number!!!!!!

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