Brooklyn and me

What happens when14 year old Rachel moves to London and her mum works for Victoria Beckham. Will Rachel finally meet her crush Brooklyn and be amazed or will he be a jerk?


7. The beach

Rachel's POV
I came back from the kitchen and the boys asked to go to the beach.
Martin-  want to come to the beach?
Me- yeah sure but I don't have my stuff
Brooklyn- your mum had to go home to get something.
Me- ill text her then.
Cody- better do it soon
After I texted my mum the boys went to change and then Brooklyn wee brother Romeo walked in
Romeo- hi I'm Romeo and you nut be Juliet 
Me- hi I'm Rachel 
Romeo- either your my mums new model or a football player for my dad co there is no way some one as good looking as you is here for Brooklyn. 
Brooklyn- actually she is here for me
Me- oh hey you ready?
Brooklyn- yeah, here your mum gave me this to give you.
I went to get changed into my swim suit and was pleased because my mum put my favourite bikini in the bag. (A/n
After I got ready we headed for the beach. When we got there I took off my top and shorts and lay on a towel, I felt as though some one was watching me so I opened my eyes to catch Brooklyn staring at me.
Me- have I got something on me
Brooklyn- no no your fine well better than fine your beautiful 
Cody , Martin and Liam ran up out of the water and up to Brooklyn. 
Cody- damn you look hot Rachel
I blushed and looked down and smile a thanks
After a while of tanning the boys ran back up to the water. 
I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes the sun was closer to the horizon. 

Greyson's POV

I was walking along the beach when I saw a beautiful girl lying sun bathing. 
I then saw my friend Brooklyn in the water with Cody, Martin, Liam and Zack. 
Me- hey Brooklyn
Brooklyn- hey, Greyson!
Cody- what's up?
Me- nothing much u?
Brooklyn- my mum hired a new assistant an she has a daughter our age.
Me- she cute? 
Brooklyn- you tell me!
Brooklyn pointed to the girl I had seen earlier
Me- who's her boyfriend?
Brooklyn- what?
Me- well a chick that hot has to be going out with someone
Brooklyn- nope
We all walked over to her

Rachel's POV 

All the boys came over to me and they had someone with them. OMG it's Greyson Chance I actually love his music 
Greyson- hey 
Me- hi I'm a huge fan
After we hung out we went home and watched a movie

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