Brooklyn and me

What happens when14 year old Rachel moves to London and her mum works for Victoria Beckham. Will Rachel finally meet her crush Brooklyn and be amazed or will he be a jerk?


3. She plays?

Brooklyn's POV

Yesterday Rachel and I had a great time. She's so pretty, funny, smart. I have to leave soon to go to football training, so I won't be able to see her today.

I got to my football training and my coach said that his brother wasn't feeling well who coaches the female team so they would be joining us for our session today.

Coach- Hey guys so thats the girls here.

Me- Where are they?

Coach- There just getting changed

Cody- I hope their fit.

Martin- Yeah me too.

Just then the girls team walked out of the changing rooms. Just then Rachel walked out in her tight football team shirt and short football shorts.

Cody- at least one of them is, oh yes!

Then I realised he was starring at Rachel, infact most of the team were starring at Rachel.

Me- cody, are you talking about the one with the purple dip dye?

Cody- yeah man, the one with the gorgeous smile.

Me- watch this.

I walked over to Rachel who was laughing with her friends,

Me- Hey * Hugs her and she hugs back*

Rachel- Hey hows it going?

Me- good u?

Rachel- yeah good.

Me- I didn't know you playd football

Rachel- I didn't know you tried to

Me- are you saying you are better than me?

Rachel- I'm saying my whole team is better than yours

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