Brooklyn and me

What happens when14 year old Rachel moves to London and her mum works for Victoria Beckham. Will Rachel finally meet her crush Brooklyn and be amazed or will he be a jerk?


4. I think...

Quick Authors Note

Hey Guys, so I need another 2 characters one girl and one boy

Comment their name hair colour and any other info! thanks. Also comment if you want to know who the girl on


Rachel's POV

Brooklyn- Bring it on

Rachel- Right girls we are playing Brooklyns team.

Brooklyn- choose your top 5 players

I turned to my team and selected my 5

Brooklyn- Ladies first

I stood forward with my 4 girls beside me and introduced them.I pointed to a girl  with mid lenghth wavey blonde hair, "Ashley" I then pointed to the girl with black hair " Jade" Then to "Nessi" who has Brown hair with green streaks Then lastly to a girl with ginger hair "leigh".

Me- Oh and I'm Rachel

Brooklyn then went to his team and said "and I have" he pointed to a guy with Dirty blonde hair in a hairstyle similar to Louis Tomlinson's "Cody" Then to a guy with black hair "Martin" then to a guy with Blonde hair " Liam" and finally to a guy with Streaks of like all natural hair colours in his hair and said " Zack"

Brooklyn- And I am Brooklyn.

The whistle blew and I started with the ball , I ran half way then passed to Jade, who then passed to Nessi who then passed back to me. I ran up and scored.

This time Brooklyn had the ball and I ran up and tackled him, I got the ball and ran, when suddenly I fell someone had tripped me. I looked up and realised everyone had seen and I saw who had tripped me, Natalie Edmund. I hadn't picked her to play because she was practically drooling over Brooklyn and I well...Got....jellous? Anyway I snapped out of my thoughts and realised there were about 7 guys around me trying to help me up, I grabbed was it cory's hand and stood up.

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