My Own Personal Angel..?

Cass abandons Sam and Dean to find a girlfriend who is also an angel (but doesn't tell). Things get complicated when Cass's new friend is not an angel nor a human, but the most dangerous creature known to man. Will she be friend or foe?


23. Taking Names, and Ingredients.

Sam’s POV:

Ruby flashed out for 30 seconds then came back with a book. “What’s that for?” I asked. “Well, I didn’t memorize this!” She told me. I shrugged as she flipped a few pages. “Aha!” She said with a smile. “You got it?” Dean asked. “Yup. First, you’ll need the feathers of a wing of a fairy.” She said. “Specific.” Dean muttered under his breath. "Well sorry, ASSHOLE, but unless you've memorised it, you'd know that there's only 3 of those specific ingredients. So back off, dick." Ruby said with a murderous glare towards Dean as I tried to hide a laugh. He stayed silent. "Thought so." Ruby said, Dean frowning. Then, his face lightened. "Hey, what about that fairy lady? We know how to summon those fairies..!" He said with a smirk at Ruby. "Nice start." She muttered. "Let's go home. It's 9:14 and we have to kill her by 2. We have to move quickly, and Cas can send us back here in a second. We gotta hurry! Ruby, only you can send us back." And in a second, we were home. "To the grocery store!" Dean shouted, as we all got into the car to get cream. Ina few minutes, we were in the checkout line with only one container of cream. The lady gave us a weird look, but hey, we didn't care. Soon we were home, and put out a bowl of it. Then, Dean got out a tupperware and put it on the counter. "GOT THAT FAIRY BITCH!" He said. Me and Ruby sat there quietly while he talked to the fairy and ripped one of it's wings off. Of course he grinned when he did it in approval and gave it to Ruby, who put it in a small jar and took the book out again. "Now..... Now we only need the tooth of a dragon and... A feather off of an angel- Castiel's wing?" She said. We were all shocked. "Uhh... Cas?" Dean said loudly.

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