My Own Personal Angel..?

Cass abandons Sam and Dean to find a girlfriend who is also an angel (but doesn't tell). Things get complicated when Cass's new friend is not an angel nor a human, but the most dangerous creature known to man. Will she be friend or foe?


9. NOT the Best way to Meet Again

Sam’s POV:

I was just doing my casual research when Dean yelled to me. “SAMMY!” “What?” I responded. “GO TO THE GAS STATION TO GET FOOD!” He said. *sigh.* "Any special requests?" I asked. "PIE!" He said. Of course that's what he said. "Okay, whatever." I said. Then, he walked into the room, handed me the keys to his Cadillac and gave me a look saying, NOT. A. SCRATCH. I raised up my hands. "Okay." And so I went to the nearest Wal-Mart.



There was Pheobe, covered in mud and muck and crying at the Wal-Mart. I gave her a hug. "Good grief! what happened to you??" I asked. Then she explained. Dean had told her they were going to the mall, but lied at threw her out of his car and into a forest, leaving her to find her way back, but a trucker took her here. And she also said she MAY or MAY NOT have (meaning she obviously did it) killed the trucker that brought her here... I felt so bad I didn't even care about the trucker issue! So I gave her another hug. Then, I picked up Dean's pie, Pheobe killed the cashier and I drove back (with her in the front seat). 

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