My Own Personal Angel..?

Cass abandons Sam and Dean to find a girlfriend who is also an angel (but doesn't tell). Things get complicated when Cass's new friend is not an angel nor a human, but the most dangerous creature known to man. Will she be friend or foe?


4. Meeting her

Sam’s POV:

Cass touched my forehead and me and Dean were transported to  a really nice place. Abandoned, but nice. I suddenly saw a woman with black eyes. Dean pulled out the knife and i took out holy water. She looked very familiar. The demon immediately put up her hands with a scared look. Cass stood in front of her. “Don’t!” He said. Dean looked upset. “Fine. But if she takes ONE FUCKING STEP OUT OF LINE, we will make our move.” Dean said. “If i have no other choice, then fine.” Cass said, then gave the thing a look. “So.. What’s her name?” I said, Breaking the silence. “Oh, yes! Her name is Pheobe." THAT'S WHO!!!! I thought. "Pheobe!" Dean said. She grinned. Dean and I were equally shocked. Cass was, too. "Pheobe? CROWLEY'S BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER?!" Cass said, Super shocked. "Yep." She said with a grin. "But I'm not all bad. As I said, I don't want to hurt you. I myself have no reason to." She told us. "I can help. Just give me a chance." She pleaded. Me, Dean and Cass exchanged looks. "Prove yourself worthy." Dean said. "What?" She said back. "Prove yourself worthy of our trust." Dean told her. She gulped, as she knew this would be a tough task. I nodded at Dean.


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