My Own Personal Angel..?

Cass abandons Sam and Dean to find a girlfriend who is also an angel (but doesn't tell). Things get complicated when Cass's new friend is not an angel nor a human, but the most dangerous creature known to man. Will she be friend or foe?


10. Guilt and Explanations

Dean's POV:

Sam brought Pheobe home from the store, and she was naked yet covered up by mud and grass and muck.  She showered (without even noticing me) then put on some spare clothes Sam kept for her (just in case). Then, she saw me. Oh, God no. She was SO fucking angry, she used her mind powers to pin me up against a wall. "WHY?! WHY EVEN DUMP ME IN THE FOREST AND LEAVE ME TO DIE?! WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO ME?! WHY!?!?" Then, Sammy came in. "PHEOBE!" He shouted. "What are you doing?!" I suddenly fell. Ouch, I thought. Then, Pheobe burst into tears. "It's okay!" Sam told her. Then, after calming down, she explained to Sam what I had done to her. And why he found her at that Wal-Mart. Sam gave me a confused look. "Dean. Is this true?" I stared at the floor in guilt. He knew the answer was yes. "But..But why?" He asked. Then, I suddenly had no words. I didn't know! I stared at the floor again. I felt horrible. All I could do was feel bad and look that way. I apologized to Pheobe and she left and went to bed in a spare bedroom. I felt like shit the whole night. So I went to bed, and my eyes closed, I drifted off to sleep. I couldn't even eat my pie. 


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