My Own Personal Angel..?

Cass abandons Sam and Dean to find a girlfriend who is also an angel (but doesn't tell). Things get complicated when Cass's new friend is not an angel nor a human, but the most dangerous creature known to man. Will she be friend or foe?


15. Desperate for Help, Maybe?

Cas's POV:

Sam and Dean came running to me. "What do you want?" I asked. "Can't one of your friends help us? Be our research tool??" Dean asked. "Why do you need it? What case are you doing now?" I asked. Dean didn't say anything because he didn't know. "I thought so." I told him. He is getting desperate for help. I mean, what do they even need it for? Dean can't even explain. Once he can, I'll think about it. But really? I have much more to deal with.

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