CRAZY - Amber was always different from the others. She would have these moments where she would disappear for a moment into her mind, when in real life she was still here, curled up in a fetal position.
When Amber meets Liam she realizes, this is her first love. The first person she really wants to be with. Liam changes her life, in so many ways. They love each other and are happy being around each other.

Crazy © 2013
All Rights Reserved
People copying this story and not giving me credit will pay the consequences

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8. Chapter 8

I opened the door to my house, instantly feeling the warmth and loving feeling I always get here. The scent tonight was of lasagna, one of my mom's best dishes to make.

She only made it on special occasions though. It wasn't a usual Monday night dinner, no. It was a birthday, Christmas, holiday, family get together dinner. It was the best dinner.

"Hi mom!" My voice sang through the house.

"Hey Amber! Come in, dinner is almost ready." I heard my mother call back.

There were sounds of dishes being clanked together and the ringing of silverwear. My mom really wanted this dinner to be special.

I grabbed Liam's hand in mine, tugging him along to the dining room. I could tell he was nervous. He had tried to dress up and make his appearance look the best. He wore some skinny jeans, a polo, some Nike sneakers and a jacket. No snapback, no hoodie.

The tattoos were still noticable, all along his arms and some going up his neck, nothing major though. The only problem was I knew my mom probably wouldnt want me dating him. She wasnt very fond of guys like Liam.

When we got to the dining room, the table was all set up. There were three plates. One for my mom, one for me, one for Liam. We would have four, maybe even five, but my dad left us when I was three and my mom is too scared to go back out into the world and look for someone. She's scared they will leave her like dad left us.

My mom walked in with a pan of lasagna, but stopped when she saw me with Liam. "Oh, hello. I'm Mrs. Riley. Nice to meet you." my mom said, exstending her hand for Liam to shake. Part of the test.

He reached out and shook it. "Liam Payne. Pleasure to meet you." He said, nervousness hidden in his voice.

"Same here. Please sit down. I'll be right back and then we can start eating." My mother smiled and walked off, leaving Liam and myself here.

I sat down, patting the seat next to me for him to take. "You wanna know something?"


"I sometimes forget that youre a badass. I forget that you are covered in tattoos and hang with the bad kids at school." I smiled.

"Really?" I nodded and Liam smiled. "I always forget that you are labeled The Freak. I always forget that you are a unpopular. All I ever think about is how beautiful you are. How I love you."

I blushed, looking down at my lap. I twiddled with my fingers, but Liam grabbed my hand instead. He gave it a light squeeze and smiled.

My mom returned, not wearing the apron she was wearing just minutes ago. She sat down across from me, diagonal to Liam.

We began eating. Liam seemed more comfortable after a while smiling a lot more and laughing at some jokes. His laugh was infectious. The face he made when he laughed killed me. I still swoon over him sometimes.

"So, Liam. Why the tattoos?" my mom asked, looking over at Liam.

I could feel him slightly tense up, but relax a second later. "Well, when I was about 16, I experimented a lot. One experiment was tattoos. I geuss I got hooked or something because now I have about 20." he laughed to himself.

"Why so many though?" my mom said, pushing through Liam's comfort zone.

"All mean something. Like this one here," he pulled up his sleeve and pointed to a date. 10-27-93. "This is the date my parents got married. And then these," he pointed to more dates. "Are my siblings birthdays." he smiled.

My mom nodded. "That's so sweet. What about the bird on your neck?"

"That one? That's a dove. On the first day I went to the park with my parents I was about 2. I remember that there was a magic show and part of it was the magician released doves from his hat. I have a picture of that day, and in the backround is a dove."

My mom smiled and so did I. Liam wasnt some badass tattooed for no reason guy. All his tattoos meant something. He didnt just use them for looks, but for memories.

After dinner I said good-bye to Liam, thanking him for letting me stay. I then went to the kitchen to help my mom clean up.

"You know, I like Liam. He's a lot better than I thought he would turn out to be." My mom said, putting the lasagna pan in the dishwasher.

"Yeah. At first I was skeptical, but when I really got to know him, he turned out to be a really awesome guy. He isnt badass like everyone thinks he is." I said.

My mom nodded. "Now, I dont mind you dating him, but if he gets you into trouble, there are going to be consiquences."

"Okay, although I highly doubt that will happen." I laughed.

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