CRAZY - Amber was always different from the others. She would have these moments where she would disappear for a moment into her mind, when in real life she was still here, curled up in a fetal position.
When Amber meets Liam she realizes, this is her first love. The first person she really wants to be with. Liam changes her life, in so many ways. They love each other and are happy being around each other.

Crazy © 2013
All Rights Reserved
People copying this story and not giving me credit will pay the consequences

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6. Chapter 6

I hopped out of the shower, grabbing the towel that was on the counter. I wrapped it around my body, holding it ever so tightly.

No one has ever seen me naked, not even my mom. The only time she did was when I was younger and it was acceptable, but when I turned 10 I never showed my body to anyone.

I was self conscious in a way. I mean, who isnt. I have a stomach and some flab here and there. I'm not fat, no, but I'm not toned or anything like that. I dont do any sports. I used to dance, but I quit after about 2 years. I run sometimes, but not a lot. I tend to stick to healthy eating.

I walked into Liam's room, hoping he wasnt there. He wasnt. I closed the door, picked up the bag, and placed it on the bed. I pulled out many items. There was my makeup bag, a pair of underwear, a bra, some comfy clothes, and then a nice dress and some shoes. My mom must of known that I was going out or she wouldn't of packed this.

Then I saw the dress. It was a dress I had never worn, a dress I didnt like wearing. It was a dress that was tight at the top and loosened at the bottom. It was floral print and had a low neckline. I felt uncomfortable in it and my mom knew. Maybe she didnt pack my stuff after all.

I didnt have anything else to wear so I had no choice. I slipped on the dress, pulling the top up, and went to the bathroom to do my makeup.

I didnt wear pounds of makeup. I dont think I need to. Just some eyeliner and mascara are fine. On special occasions I wear eyeshadow, and tonight I felt like doing so.

I applied the lip gloss and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good.

I put my hair in a hot bun that was packed in with all my stuff. I took one last look. I think I look pretty good when I actually try to.

I slipped on my shoes and looked at the clock. It read 5:30, perfect. I grabbed my phone and my purse. I opened the door and headed towards the living area. I was nervous as to what Liam would say. More of how I would react. No guy ever talks to me, or compliments me.

I walked into the living room. Liam was seated on the couch. He wore some khaki skinny jeans and a nice top. He ended the look with a sweatshirt and snapback. They kinda ruined the whole "nice" theme.

"You look.. amazing." Liam said, getting up.

I blushed and looked down at my feet. I felt uncomfortable. "Thank you." I said softly.

Liam lifted my head to meet his gaze. "Do you feel uncomfortable or something?" he asked.

"Hit the nail straight on the head." I laughed slightly, but he didnt laugh back.

"Dont be." Liam smiled. "You look beautiful and you should feel it."

I blushed again.

"Now, what do you think of my outfit." he gave a quick spin, which I laughed at. "I complimented you, so now you must compliment me."

"You look very handsome." I said, smiling.

"Thank you," he reached for my hand. "Now lets go get some dinner."


"I'll have the ceasar salad please." I said, smiling to our waitress. She nodded, scribbling it down.

"And I'll have the cheeseburger please." Liam said.

"They'll be right out." The waitress said, collecting our menus.

After she left Liam turned his focus to me. "Is the salad going to be enough?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yeah. I have a pretty small stomach anyway." I wasnt lying. I could never eat a lot.

"You arent trying to starve yourself?"

"No. Liam, dont worry. I'm fine."

He grabbed my hand, butterflies flew. "Okay, because you dont need to."

I smiled. "You know, you arent the bad boy like everyone says."

"Oh really? How so?" he smirked.

"Well, you look all tough and like the person that wouldnt care if a girl starved herself, but really, you're sweet, lovable, caring, and so much more." I say, surprised I even said that.

"Good to know." He said, releasing my hand.

We sat there in silence for a bit. I didnt know how to talk to people all that well, let alone boys. I was hoping he would keep the conversation going.

"What are we?" I asked, instantly wishing I hadnt said anything.

"Well, what would you like us to be?"

I hesitated, not sure if I should continue. "A couple.." I said quietly.


I nodded. I was afraid that he was going to say 'Sorry, but I dont like you that way.' And that would be downright embarrassing.

"Well," Liam started. "I would love that."

I looked up at him, seeing him smile at me.

"In fact, I thought we already were. I mean, what are we doing now? We're on a date. Friends dont just go on dates do they?"

I laughed, "No."


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