CRAZY - Amber was always different from the others. She would have these moments where she would disappear for a moment into her mind, when in real life she was still here, curled up in a fetal position.
When Amber meets Liam she realizes, this is her first love. The first person she really wants to be with. Liam changes her life, in so many ways. They love each other and are happy being around each other.

Crazy © 2013
All Rights Reserved
People copying this story and not giving me credit will pay the consequences

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13. Chapter 13

"I feel awful." I said, breaking the long silence that was in the air.

"Why? You did what you thought was right." Liam said, rubbing my back.

"I know, but now I feel like I just killed a puppy."

"Why do you say that? You told your "father" you didn't want anything to do with him. You did the right thing in my book."

"Not that, my mom. I never yell or use an attitude with her. I know its lame, but she is one of my only friends. We always get along." I said, realising what a loser I am after the words left my mouth.

"You're a teenage girl. That's what they do." Liam shrugged.

"That's a stereotype."

"Doesn't mean it's not true."

I looked up at Liam. "It's not true. Most girls are only like this on their period."

"So, you're on your period." Liam stated, no sign of embarrassment at all.

"Yes and no. I am on my lovely cycle, but I chose to be all teen girl today." I sighed.

We sat there in silence again. All I could think about was how I treated my mom. It killed me when I thought about what she was feeling. Probably guilty like me, but more upset. Today was my birthday, she probably feels bad we had to start it like this, fighting. Then, we were supposed to have our girls day today, but I guess today it was off.

"Let's do something. You need to get your mind off of what happened." Liam said, sitting up, pulling me with him.

"No, I'm still tired and don't feel like doing anything." I whined, trying to plop myself back down on the couch, but Liam held his grip around me.

Liam sighed, then an evil smile spread onto his face. "You know, I have some friends that you know, aren't good kids, and they will love to.."

"Stop!" I held my hand up. "I know you wouldn't let that happen to me, but in the necessary precautions I am going to take, let's go out."

Liam smiled. "Good, now go put something nice on and we'll leave."


"Where are we going?" I whined, for the thousandth time today. "My feet hurt."

"We're almost there Amber, just calm down." Liam laughed. "Want me to carry you?" he asked. 

I nodded. Liam bent down and I jumped on his back, wrapping my legs around his waist. Liam started running, leaving me screaming and laughing.

In minutes we arrived at a park, the same park my mom and I used to come to. The same park I almost died. I almost drowned in the pond here.

I jumped off Liam's back, looking around at the park. I hadn't been here in years, meaning it had changed, a lot. The old swing set was rusted and about to fall apart. The slide had collapse and the grass was over grown.

"Liam, we need to get out of here." I said, slowly walking backwards.


"Something happened here."

"Well, please, just come down to the lake with me?" Liam begged, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Liam, put me down! Please Liam!" I begged, hitting against his back.

"Okay, okay. One second." Liam got to the lake, splashing in the water a bit, before setting me down, knee deep.

"Oh god."

Water splashed over my head, covering me completely. When I finally came back to surface I could see I was in the middle of an ocean.

Waves splashed against my face, salt water getting in my mouth. I spit it out immediately, trying to ignore the salty, dryness of my mouth that was now taking over, causing me to cough.

"Help!" I screamed, thinking someone would be able to hear me, although no one was around.

"Amber!" I heard Liam's voice coming from all around me. "Amber! Wake up!"

"I am awake!" I yelled, feeling my arms and legs getting sore from treading so much. The fact that I had heavy clothes on didn't help either.

"Amber!" Liam yelled again.

The water was becoming rough and chopping, making me go under for long periods of time, and only allowing me to get short breathes before going back down.

"Liam!" I yelled, right as I came up.

"Amber? Wake up, please."

"Liam, are you shaking me?"


"Then.." right as I was about to say stop, a huge wave came into view. I screamed ducking under water, hoping to avoid the wave, but failed.

I waited, waited for the wave to pass, but it never did. My lungs were killing me, screaming for the air that they aren't getting.

I swam up. I needed to at least try and get air. I swam for what felt like years, each stroke getting me no where. I pulled harder and kicked faster, but it didn't do anything to help. Every stroke just wore me out, to the point where I gave up, closed my eyes, and waited for this nightmare of a life to be over.

When I opened my eyes I wasn't under water, nor near the water. I was in a car, driving through a town. I looked over to the driver, Liam.

He noticed my stare and looked over too. "You're awake." He smiled.

"Yeah. How long was I out for?" I played with the hem of my shirt, feeling embarrassed that he had to witness yet another one of my freak shows.

"Only 20 minutes this time."

I nodded, thinking back to what had happened. "Was I talking to you?"

"Yeah. You were saying help and full on speaking."

I nodded, again, before saying. "I've never been able to do that before. It's never happened with me."

Maybe I do have something different, something other people don't have. Maybe I really am a freak, a psychotic person, someone crazy.

Why did it have to be me though? Out of a thousand people in this town, the one that got this 'mental problem' had to be me. Why couldn't it be my neighbor, Gloria, who is such a snob, the whole school wishes she was non-existent.

"How come it happened this time then?" Liam said.

"I don't know. I guess we'll find out."

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