Falling for you

Meg Fallowes is 20. She's just finished Uni and is moving to the country to get away from her boring ex boyfriend jack. When she moves, she meets YouTuber Zoe Sugg and becomes her best friend, and starts to fall for her brother, Joe. She ends up being stuck with the biggest decision of her life, be with Joe and accept his marriage proposal, or be with Jack and move to London with him for good. But what will she choose.


19. The next 2 days

"Mum, mum listen to me" Meg said to her mother who she was on the phone to whilst Joe was out shopping for something Zoe asked for. "What's wrong darling! Is it Joe? " Karen questioned. "Nothings wrong, I just have some pretty big news for you" Meg said beginning to smile and remember what had happened previously. "Oh no..." Karen sighed. "What!".  "Oh Meg, how could you!" Karen yelled. "What are you on about?" She asked her what sounded like concerned mother. "You've gone and got yourself knocked up !" Yelled Karen. "What! No, Im not pregnant!" Meg shouted. "Well what are you trying to tell me then!". "I'm getting married" Meg blurted out. "Really" Karen said, her voice drooping. "To who?" Karen asked. "Who do you think mum, Joe!" She shouted. "Oh Megan! You're only 20, you could wait couldn't you?" Said Karen. "We are waiting, we don't want to marry straight away in case we split up or if we get married, hate it and divorce straight away" Meg explained. "Well, good for you Meg. For both of you, you really have this planned to a tee don't you" Karen said. "I'm proud of you Megan. I don't tell you that enough" Karen said, beginning to sob. "Thanks mum. And thanks for understanding" Meg said, also beginning to sob. "Well you better be off, you've got a lot of London to explore haven't you" She said. "Mum, were leaving tonight so were not really going out" Meg explained. "Oh well Darcy has something on so we better be off" Karen said "OK, bye mum" Meg said. "Byre darling have fun" she said hanging up. 

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