Falling for you

Meg Fallowes is 20. She's just finished Uni and is moving to the country to get away from her boring ex boyfriend jack. When she moves, she meets YouTuber Zoe Sugg and becomes her best friend, and starts to fall for her brother, Joe. She ends up being stuck with the biggest decision of her life, be with Joe and accept his marriage proposal, or be with Jack and move to London with him for good. But what will she choose.


8. The morning after the night before

It was 10am. Meg woke with a pounding headache and to her surprise, Joe was lay next to her in a bed that wasn't her own. "Morning beautiful " said Joe, kissing her. "Where am I?" Meg asked, touching her forehead. "You had quite a lot to drink last night, we both did and we ended up here" Joe said. "We didn't, you know did we?" Asked Meg. "Not that I remember" answered Joe. "Oh god, I'm such an idiot!" Yelled Meg, grabbing her clothes from the floor and putting them on. "No your not, your amazing" Joe said , sitting up in his bed. "Oh stop, I'm not amazing or beautiful so just stop" shouted Meg. "Anyway, I need to leave before Zoe or your one of your parents see's me " she said. "Listen, Meg do you want to go out sometime?" Joe asked. "I'll see, but now I've got to go " she said, opening the door of his room and trying to escape the Sugg's house before anybody saw her. She got out of the front door as quickly as she could because she heard Tracey coming down the stairs and ran into her own house. She had a message on her answer machine but was more interested in going upstairs to get even more sleep that she didn't really need. As soon as she changed into something more comfy her iPhone started to buzz with a call from Zoe. She decided to ignore it and try to go to sleep but she started getting more calls from her as well as texts from Joe. "Hi Zoe" groaned Meg. "So what happened with you and Joe last night ?" Asked Zoe. "Nothing has happened, has he said anything to you though?" She asked. "No, I just saw you going off together last night and saw you two together A lot" Zoe said. "As far as I know nothing happened " "I saw you leaving our house this morning what happened?" Zoe said. "Zoe, I don't know ok. All he said to me was we had a lot to drink and ended up in his room, neither of us know if anything actually happened " " So you don't know If you, you know" Zoe asked. "No, but it wouldn't matter if something did, Its not like I lost it last night and I'm just hoping I didn't take Joe's." Meg said. "I wouldn't know, I don't go into Joe's business" "I've got to go I'm knackered " said Meg. "Ok then, see you soon" Zoe said hanging up. Meg tryed to sleep but was to worried about what had happened with Joe the night before.

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