Falling for you

Meg Fallowes is 20. She's just finished Uni and is moving to the country to get away from her boring ex boyfriend jack. When she moves, she meets YouTuber Zoe Sugg and becomes her best friend, and starts to fall for her brother, Joe. She ends up being stuck with the biggest decision of her life, be with Joe and accept his marriage proposal, or be with Jack and move to London with him for good. But what will she choose.


6. Party Time

It was 4 o'clock. The Sugg's party started at 5 and Meg had just added the finishing touches to her outfit for the evening. She was wearing a floral crop top, acid wash jeans and some floral flats, her long hair straight and in a bun and she was wearing her Rimmel wake me up foundation, Maybelline the rocket mascara, Barry M eyeliner, MAC blusher and MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. She had just enough time to ring home and speak to her parents before going next door to the Sugg's. She picked up her white handset from the hallway and dialled her families number, and after a ring the phone was poicked up. "Hello" said the person that sounded like her sister, Darcy. "Hiya, Darce?" Said Meg. "Yea, what's up Meg?" Darcy asked. "Is mum in?" "Yea, I'll go get her. MUM!!!" Yelled Darcy, almost deafening Meg. "Hello, Meg darling? Are you alright? Are you settled in well? Met any new people?" Questioned Karen. "Mum, I'm fine you don't need to worry about me over already said. Anyway I thought I'd call cos I'm going out in a bit and knew you would be desperate to talk to me" Meg explained. "Oh, where you off to? Out with a boy?" Karen asked. "No just next door to a party"  "Oh great to know you've made some friends, I'll let you go then " said Karen. "OK, bye mum" said Meg. "Bye darling" Karen said putting down the phone. "Party time" Meg said to herself. 




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