Falling for you

Meg Fallowes is 20. She's just finished Uni and is moving to the country to get away from her boring ex boyfriend jack. When she moves, she meets YouTuber Zoe Sugg and becomes her best friend, and starts to fall for her brother, Joe. She ends up being stuck with the biggest decision of her life, be with Joe and accept his marriage proposal, or be with Jack and move to London with him for good. But what will she choose.


18. Friday night Funtime

"Joe, I can't believe how beautiful this ring is. Thank you so much" Meg said, kissing him in thanks. "Its fine, I'm glad you actually like it" Joe said , climbing into bed next to Meg and turning the tv on. "Now all we have to worry about is how to tell my parents in getting married at 20 " Meg sighed. "Surely they'll understand, they will love the idea of there daughter getting married and starting her life." Joe said. "By the way, Jack called. He also proposed..."Meg said. "What! What did you say?" Joe said, sitting up higher in the bed. "I said no of course and told him to leave me alone" Meg explained, not really wanting to think back to the conversation. "Well good, I'm not letting you go that easily" Joe said, kissing her more passionately than he ever had before, before beginning to undress Meg. "Joe..."Meg said between kisses. "Are you sure you want to do this, we already have twice today" she said, attempting to put her flimsy nightdress back on. "Well, this will be what married life will be like. We'll eventually be starting our own family and have to keep doing this to try" She said. "But Joe, I don't want a baby straight away" Meg said. "Well if it's not what you want" Joe said, turning on his side turning of the light and going to sleep. "Joe." She said, touching his warm shoulder. "I never said I didn't want to ever have a baby, just we're to young now" Meg said. "Come on then" Joe said rising up and beginning what had just ended. "Joe!" she squealed at a now smiling Joe who was lay on top of her, and began to smile. "OK, but try not to take so long this time" She laughed, allowing him to take of her nighty and begin to kiss her. 

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