Falling for you

Meg Fallowes is 20. She's just finished Uni and is moving to the country to get away from her boring ex boyfriend jack. When she moves, she meets YouTuber Zoe Sugg and becomes her best friend, and starts to fall for her brother, Joe. She ends up being stuck with the biggest decision of her life, be with Joe and accept his marriage proposal, or be with Jack and move to London with him for good. But what will she choose.


24. Final Chapter

Meg was indeed pregnant and the sickness and days of work had kicked in. Joe had just bought a house and they were going to move in later on in the pregnancy and Zoe, Alfie and Louise were all acting more excited than there families, Zoe especially as she'd be an auntie like she always wanted. Alfie was thinking about proposing to Zoe and moving her in with him in London eventually. Louise, Matt and Darcy were coming up to visit and stay soon and Marcus and Niomi had already booked their visit to the house as soon as Joe told them about their soon to be home together. Caspar was coming to visit in a couple of days and Joe and Meg had been invited by Caspar's mum to stay in South Africa next time he and his new girlfriend, Gaby came over to visit and they were going to America to stay with Sawyer, who Meg met whilst he was in England for a week, because they'd become great friends and Sawyer had already booked his ticket to England for the baby's christening. Life was looking up for plain old Megan Fallowes, she had a lot to look forward to and some fun times ahead. 

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