Three Tickets

What happens when Jessie and her friends win front row tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction concert?


1. Tickets

"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!" I heard someone yelling at me.

"Ughhhhhh" I groaned. I opened my eyes and saw my two friends Mary Beth and Adaline looking at me.

"Guess what!!!" Adaline shouted.

"What it's like 6:00 in the morning?" I said groggily.

"It's actually 10:30," Mary Beth corrected.

"Anyways back to what I was saying, I WON THREE TICKETS TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!!!" Adaline shouted.

"OMGB!!! Are you serious?" I asked excited.

"Dead serious. I won them on a radio contest," she said looking proud of herself.

"I love you right now Adaline," Mary Beth said jumping up and down.

"Oh ya and that's not all they're front row tickets and they come with backstage passes." She said happily.

"I could kiss you right now," I said.


Oh ya let me introduce myself, I'm Jessie and I have light brown hair, blue eyes and my BFFS are Adaline and Mary Beth. Oh ya and I LOVE One Direction. I am pretty popular at school. I am not a mean girl and I don't get bullied so I just like to lay low ya know? And the one thing about me everyone should know is I am SUPER hyper. So anyway back to the story :D


"When is the concert?" I asked.

"In three weeks," Adaline responded. "Oh ya and it's in LA."

"Awesome!!! We need to go to the mall right now to get some clothes to wear." Mary Beth said.

"Alright let me get dressed first," I said getting on some clothes and pulling my hair into a ponytail.

"Okay I'm ready," I said grabbing my car keys.

P.S in this story Eleanor will not be dating Louis. No hate to Eleanor I love her bye 😘

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