Three Tickets

What happens when Jessie and her friends win front row tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction concert?


5. The Concert

The concert starts at 4:00 and it's 12:00 right now. I have already gotten dressed and we bought some glow sticks. We decided to go to McDonald's then after that it would be about 2:00 so we would get to the concert at 2:30.

"I would like a Big Mac," I told the waiter.

"$7.00" she said as I handed her a ten dollar bill.

"$3.00 is your change," she said handing it to me.

I went to sit down and ate it all pretty fast. When I was done I saw that it was only 1:45. We had some time to kill so I asked the girls if they wanted to get manicures. They agreed and it took about 30 minutes.

My nails were pink with a tiny detailed flower on the thumb.

It was 2:45 when we got to the concert so a little later than we expected but still really early.

We just stood there and talked. We were the only ones on the front row that were already there. Just then the boys walked out, I guess to see how big the stadium was. Oh my gosh they're walking over to us!!!!!

It took all of my will not to scream.

"You're here pretty early aren't you?" Liam asked looking at us.

"Um ya," was all I managed to get out.

Louis was looking straight at me so I looked up at him but he quickly turned away. Well that was weird.

"I like your shirt," Louis said smirking.

I looked down and remembered my future mrs tomlinson shirt.

"Thanks," I blushed.

"Well I guess we'll see you guys during the concert," Zayn said before they walked away.

"Oh my gosh," Mary Beth said shocked.

"They just talked to us," Adaline said in disbelief.

I could tell this would be an exciting night.

They started the concert out with Last First Kiss. Louis looked at me the whole concert. I think I'm dead. Someone should check my pulse.

"Hey," I said as I walked backstage.

"Hey guys!" Liam greeted.

"Hi I'm Louis." Louis said walking over to me.

"I know that considering I'm at your concert. But I'm Jessie." I said laughing.

"Oh right. Can I have your number?" He blurted out nervously.

"Sure," I said, writing it down on a piece of paper.

He texted me right away.

Hey :) ~ Louis

I didn't reply since we were in the same room.

Later that night when I was in bed I got a text from Louis.

Do you want to hang out tomorrow? :) ~ Louis

Sure :D ~ Jessie

I thought of Nate. I will make sure I don't fall for Louis.

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