Three Tickets

What happens when Jessie and her friends win front row tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction concert?


17. Sorry, El

Louis' P.O.V

I can't believe what I did!! I'm such a screw up!! Every time a good girl that I like comes into my life I find out how to push her away. I bet she'll never go out with me now. I bet she thinks I'm a player. Ughhhhhhhh

I heard a knock at the door. I groaned and got up.

I opened the door and saw Harry standing there.

"Hey, do you want to hang out? We don't talk that much anymore and we used to be best friends," Harry said frowning.

I nodded, deciding that I could tell him about how much of a screw up I am.

"Can we just hang out here? I don't really feel like getting dressed to go out somewhere." I said looking down at my pj's.


I sighed and plopped down on the bed.

"Harry I really like Jessie." I started."I invited her over and I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend but Eleanor, you know the girl we met a few weeks ago, moved in to the hotel room next door and I wanted to be nice so I invited her over. She kissed me and I kissed back and soon we were snogging and I don't even like her. Jessie walked in on us kissing and she looked really upset and I'm such a screw up." I said in practically one breath.

"Jessie likes you too, Louis," Harry said reassuringly.

"Even after this morning?" I asked.

"She came to me to see if I could talk to you about it since we are best friends." He replied. "You need to tell Eleanor you don't like her and apologize to Jessie."

"I will do that right now," I decided. I whipped out my phone and texted Eleanor.

I'm sorry for misleading you but I don't like you as more than a friend. I screwed up big time. You are really pretty and all but I don't like you like that. Sorry El. ~ Louis

She replied immediately.

I understand. I just can't believe you are breaking up with me ~El

Ummmm we weren't ever together ~ Louis

Whatever never talk to me again ~ El

Well glad that's over with. Now I need to do something really romantic for Jessie. Hmmmmm time to get my love master skills on. With some help from the boys of course. I called the boys over immediately.

I told them the plan then thought of something.

"How are we going to distract Jessie?" I asked.

"Perrie flew in yesterday so we could tell Jessie that Perrie wants to meet her and they could go shopping or whatever it is girls do," Zayn spoke up.

"Yes!!!" I shouted. "Alright operation get Jessie is starting.... NOW!!"

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