Three Tickets

What happens when Jessie and her friends win front row tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction concert?


14. Disguises

There was a knock on the door and Louis got up to get it.

"Hey Lou," he said letting her in.

"Hey," she replied.

"This is Jessie," he said gesturing to me. I waved shyly.

"Well I brought the stuff you asked for," she said putting down a bag of stuff.

"That's wonderful, thanks Louise," Louis said hugging her.

"Alright get off me please," she said pushing him off.

"Bye Lou," He said pushing her out if the room.

"Alright let's do this," he said pouring the contents of the bag onto his bed.

He got out the clothes first. They looked like old people clothes. I looked at them in disgust.

"Why are we wearing these?"

"It's a disguise so no one will recognize me," he said.

I nodded and started to get dressed. After we got dresses I helped him out on his white wig. I had a grey wig that was pulled into a bun.

I looked at the makeup and it was costume make up to make wrinkles. We out it all in and took a picture of ourselves.

"I'm putting that on twitter when we get back," Louis said laughing.

We left the hotel and went on a walk.

"Want to go to the mall?" Louis asked.


We went to Hollister. I saw a dress that looked perfect.

"Oh my gosh it's beautiful!!" I exclaimed, grabbing it off the rack.

I went to the dressing room to try it on. It was tan and sparkly with a little but if lace at the bottom.

"You look gorgeous!" Louis said when I walked out wearing the dress.

"Thanks," I said blushing. Then I remembered we were still wearing the old people disguises. I looked around and I was getting odd looks from other customers because I was and "old lady" trying on a youth dress.

"I'll pay for it," Louis told me at the register.

"It's ok I'll pay," I said.

"No I insist," he said pulling out his wallet. "Ready to go home?" Louis asked after he paid.

"Yup," I replied.

We got home and I saw a notification on twitter

@Louis_Tomlinson: @BrasherE and I having some fun with Lou's costumes

Then there was a picture of us dressed up in our costumes. I retweeted it then turned my phone off.

"I'm gonna go home, bye Lou," I said hugging him.

"Bye, drive safe," he said smiling.


Author's Note: I'm watching This Is Us right now and it's great :D

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