Take a Chance

I lost Eleanor the love of my life. The girl of my dreams. I can't get over her. I miss her smile, her laugh. The way she could make anyone smile. I can't forget that tragic day. I need her back.
Skye comes to school as the new girl. Every guy wants her. She becomes friends with Wyatt Conners, Daniel Summers, and Kendall Adams. Then she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis and Skye start to fall for each other. What happens when Louis pushes her away because of what happened last time? In the meantime what happens when Skye falls for Wyatt? Find out in 'Take a Chance'.


2. Chapter 2 -New Girl-

Chapter 2 -New Girl-

Skye's P.O.V.

I slowly creep my way down the stairs. Careful not to wake my parents. I make my way to the kitchen and grab an apple. "What are you doing?" I hear my mom ask. I shut my eyes tightly, and open them back up. "S-school." I say. "Good. You should. At least get an education. Maybe you can actually make your life worth something. I seriously doubt it though. Your ugly and pathetic, your a worthless piece of crap. I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself yet, you know no one would be upset if you did. Maybe it would make everyone's lives better eh? Now run along I've seen enough of that ugly face of yours." She says. I nod and run out the door before dad gets up. That's when it gets worse. I walk to my new school. We just moved to Doncaster in the UK. I find my way to the office. "Hello I'm Skye, the new kid." I say. "Oh yes, Skye let's see here is your schedule, we have it so you can have the same classes as Wyatt, Wyatt will be your guide while you are getting used to this lovely school in Doncaster." The lady says in her deep British voice. She calls for Wyatt. "Hello, I'm Wyatt Conners, I will be your guide as she probably told you, and who may you be?" He asks in his adorable accent that fits him perfectly. He has dirty blonde hair. And dreamy beautiful bright blue eyes they're like no other eyes... They're kinda mysterious and beautiful. "Uh... Skye, Skye Skalou." I say. He smiles and shakes my hand. "Well, you have a lovely name Skye, and I see your not from around here are you?" I smile. "No I'm not, I'm from North Carolina in America." I say. "Ooh America I here it's lovely there." I giggle. "Yeah, it's okay, but I like this place alright, and I love how everyone has these amazing British accents." He chuckles. "Well Skye. I quite like your American accent. It's different, and your different, I like different." I blush. "How am I different?" I ask. He smiles. "I don't know you just are, and for 1 your the first girl who hasn't thrown yourself at me." He says. I blush and smile. "Although you might throw yourself at Louis Tomlinson...." I shake my head no. "Who's Louis Tomlinson?" I ask. Wyatt laughs. "He's a real cool lad actually, well he's the captain of the football team, which I think is called soccer in America, he is apparently 'the hottest lad in school' by the girls, he's actually my best mate though." Wyatt explains I nod. "Okay so first we have Mrs. Kris. She's real nice. I'll think you'll like her, that is if you stay on her good side." I laugh. "I usually do." Wyatt nods. We walk to Mrs. Kris' room. "Hello Mrs. Kris. This is our new student, Skye." Wyatt says and smiles warmly at Mrs. Kris. "Oh! Right! Hello Skye... Let's see there is an empty seat right there next to Kendal, Kendal love, raise your hand please." Mrs. Kris says. A girl raises her hand and I walk over to her and sit at the desk next to her. She has long, straight blonde hair that she has in a braid, blue/green eyes, and a few light freckles which actually look nice on her. "Hey I'm Kendal!" She speaks happily. "Hi I'm Skye." I reply.


*Ding* *Ding* *Ding*

I gather up my stuff to leave class. "Well Skye, it was great meeting you, would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch?" Kendal asks. "Maybe." I say with a smile. She smiles and walks off. Wyatt comes over to me. "Ready?" I nod. "Okay so now, we have Mr. Kramer. He is actually my uncle, he's a real cool." Wyatt says. I nod and follow him out of the classroom. We walk for a minute, before we hear something hard hit the ground. I turn and see a guy on the ground face first. "I totally did not just do that!" He yells sarcastically. Wyatt bursts out laughing. I hit his arm. "OMG! Are you okay?!?" I scream. "Yeah, I don't know what happened though.." He says. I let out a small laugh. "Get back to class!" Wyatt says while laughing. Wyatt turns around, Daniel signals to come over to him. I point at myself and mouth 'Me?' and he nods. I quietly walk over to him and see Wyatt turning down the hall, not even noticing I was gone. "Hey, I'm Daniel, and you must be the new girl Skye, right?" He asks. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He's a little cute but, I wouldn't go for him... I nod and ask, "Yeah, How'd you know?" He laughs lightly. "Well... things get around quickly." He says smiling. "What were people saying?" I ask curiously. "Well... the guys saying your the hottest chick they've ever seen.." I blush. People think I'm beautiful? Nah, he's probably just being nice... "Hey there handsome..." We hear a women say. Daniel and I exchange confused looks. Daniel grabs my hand and walks me over to a room that says 'Teacher's Lounge' on the door. "Be quiet." Daniel whispers. I nod. Daniel slowly opens the door, careful not to make a noise. We both look through the door, and see a lady walking over to a man. The lady looks about 23 and the man looks like 60? What the heck? Daniel smiles widely and bites down on his hand to prevent from laughing. "This is rich!" He whispers almost laughing, "That women, is Ms. Jenifer she is the new math teacher for the freshman, and that man is Mr. Robins he is the school principal! And get this she is 25 and he is 53! And to top it all off he is married to the school nurse!" He says amused by this. This time he lets out a small laugh. "S**t" Daniel mutters under his breath. He grabs my hand again, and leads me to the other side of the door, away from the small crack. He puts his finger over his mouth and I nod. We hide against the wall, not moving, and holding our breath. "Did you hear something?" I hear Ms. Jenifer ask. "No nothing at all..." Mr. Robins says. "Well... okay..." She says, and everything goes silent. Daniel and I walk back over and look in the crack. We see Ms. Jenifer and Mr. Robins making out. I almost laugh this time, but hold my breath. Mr. Robins tugs at her shirt. "Okay... time to give them some privacy..." Daniel whispers. He quietly shuts the door, and we run down the hallway and start laughing like crazy. "That.... was....... hilarious!" I say in between laughs. Daniel nods. I fall on the ground, laughing, and so does Daniel. "Skye?!?" I hear Wyatt? scream... I take a few deep breaths and calm down, I stand up, and Daniel is still on the ground laughing. "Skye?!? Where were you?!? I was so worried!" Wyatt screams, and Daniel gets up, done laughing, looking kind of worried. "She was with me." Daniel hesitates. "What?!?" Wyatt angrily screams and puts his hand up in the air in a fist about to punch Daniel. "Wyatt!" I scream. He puts his hand down and looks at me. He clears his throat. "Daniel you should go to class." Wyatt says sternly. Daniel nods and scurries off. " Wyatt grabs my hand. I quickly pull it away. "What was that?!? You almost punched him!" I exclaim. "I-I'm sorry..... Let's just get to class okay?" I nod.


So, I've been to my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods. Now it's lunch!  "So... you can sit with me and my friends, if you'd like..." Wyatt says with a smile. "Are you sure I don't want to be a bo-" Wyatt cuts me off. "Please Skye you won't be a bother... Please?" Wyatt says. "Then I would love to!" I say. Wyatt smiles and grabs my hand leading me to the cafeteria. We go over to get our food. I get a salad, a brownie, and apple juice. Wyatt gets a roast beef sandwich,  a piece of cake, and milk. "Okay so you ready to meet Louis, you know "The hottest Lad in school."" I giggle and nod. We walk over to a lunch table. And, immediately my eyes meet with another pair of beautiful blue/grey eyes. I look at the guy, and my heart starts to  beat out of my chest. "Skye, meet Louis."


AN: Heyo lovely people! So, tell me what you think! Like it, dislike it? Love it, hate it?

Thank you beauties! Love ya!




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