Take a Chance

I lost Eleanor the love of my life. The girl of my dreams. I can't get over her. I miss her smile, her laugh. The way she could make anyone smile. I can't forget that tragic day. I need her back.
Skye comes to school as the new girl. Every guy wants her. She becomes friends with Wyatt Conners, Daniel Summers, and Kendall Adams. Then she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis and Skye start to fall for each other. What happens when Louis pushes her away because of what happened last time? In the meantime what happens when Skye falls for Wyatt? Find out in 'Take a Chance'.


1. Chapter 1 -The Story-

Chapter 1 -The Story-

Louis' P.O.V.

*1 year ago*

Eleanor and I were watching Grease. Our favorite movie to watch together. I looked over to El, with her sitting close beside me and my arm around her. I smiled. El's phone vibrated. She looked at it and her face went pale. "El? Are you okay?" I asked worried. "Uh- uh- y-yeah... But I-I have to g-go." She stuttered. I nodded. El grabbed her purse and phone, and we went outside and to my car. We buckled up and I started the car. "El... Is everything alright?" She nodded. "Y-yeah don't worry I'm fine.... Just a little tired that's all." She said. I could tell it was a lie. "El?" I asked sternly. "If there is something wrong you need to te-" El cut me off. "I'm fine Louis!" She snapped. The rest of the drive was silent.


"Remember park a block away." El reminded me as we turned down her road. "I remember why is it I can never park in your driveway?" I asked. "Because I said so Lou." I sigh. "El-" "Louis Tomlinson! Just shut up! I've had enough of your stupid questions for one day!!!!" She screams. I just stay silent. She's never snapped at me like that. There has to be something wrong. "I'm sorry Lou. I didn't mean to snap like that... It's just I'm stressed out right now." Eleanor apologizes. "You should probably go now." I said. "Lou please I'm s-" "Just go!" Eleanor sadly nodded and closed the door walking to her house. I quietly get out of the car and follow her to her house. She goes inside and I go to the window and look inside. I'm going to find out what's bothering her.

Eleanor's P.O.V.

  I walked inside and see my dad on the couch drinking a beer. He went crazy when mum died. He looked at me angrily. "Where were you?" He asked. "With a friend." I say quietly. "Talk louder!" He demanded. "With a friend." I said louder. "Did you ask me if you could go out?" He raised his voice. "No." I mumble. "Don't mumble!" He screamed and threw his beer bottle at me. It his my leg. I screamed and held it, falling to the ground. "I'm sorry!" I screamed with tears in my eyes. "Sorry doesn't cut it!" He yelled and pulled out a- a knife? He cut my cheek. I screamed and held my cheek. 

Louis' P.O.V.

Her dad threw his beer bottle at her and I ran to the door. I heard her scream and I winced. I tried opening the door. But it wouldn't open! I heard her scream again and anger washed over me. He's hurting her! I kicked the door down and ran into the living room. El was on the ground holding her cheek. Her dad cut her shoulder. I ran at him and punched him. "What the f-" I cut him off by punching him again. He fell down but on Eleanor. I pushed him off, but saw it. The knife, cut into Eleanor's stomach. Tears started to fall from my eyes. I dropped down to her side. Her dad started to get up. I screamed. I took the knife out of Eleanor and stabbed him in the heart before he could get up. I screamed again while crying. "You too late mate." I heard him say I looked at him and saw he was smirking. I call 911. "El? Hang in there El! I'm going to save you! The ambulance is coming they will save you! You can't die El! I love you! Stay with me!" I scream. She smiles while crying. "It's my time Lou." I shook my head. "No! No! It's not your going to live!" I scream. "No Louis. This is it. I love you." She said. Her eyes started to slowly close. "No! El!" I scream. The ambulance run in and put her the truck. "El! Eleanor! Don't go! I love you!" I scream as they take her away. 



My eyes shoot open and I wipe away my tears in my sleep. This is the 10th time I've dreamt about that horrid day. She was my life. Both her and her father later died that day. I got off with self defense for killing her dad. She was my life. Her funeral was a week after she died. There were a lot of people. Everyone who had meant Eleanor loved her. She was incredible. I heard no one went to her fathers funeral. Not even his own mum. I still can't help but feel like it was my fault she died that day. If I would have took notice sooner she would be okay. It's my fault the love of my life died. My mum ran into my room. "Are you okay Louis?" She asked. "Yeah, just the dream about El again." I say. "Aww honey..." She says. She comes beside me and hugs me while I cry into her shoulder.

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