Thanks for the memories

Three weeks together.. That's all it took, three weeks for me to fall in love with you. ❤️


1. vacation of hell

A camping in Italia.. I was stuck with my parents for the next couple of weeks on a camping in fucking Italia? I'm 17 years old and my parents wouldn't let me go on vacation with my friends, like what the fuck? So while my friends were partying in Spain I would be laying in my bed at 22;00 o'clock every single night.

' Jenna! are you readyyyyy? ' my mother screamed from downstairs. I ignored her, I decided to ignore my parents these 3 weeks. They deserved it, they have ruined my whole vacation. But it wasb't fair of me either, this was probably the last vacation with my father.. I closed my suitcase and went downstairs, my dad put the last couple of things in the car and we were ready to go.

After a long car ride we finally arrived at the camping called ' portofelice ' and i had to admit that it was soooo beautiful. The camping was so close to the sea, that was the only positive thing about this vacation i guess. We put all of our stuff in the caravan and than the vacation could officially start.

I grabbed my book out of my suitcase and went to the beach. Oh my god, I thought, there are so many people. Where am I going to sit? And then I saw the perfect spot. It was a small bench on a cliff with a beautiful view on the sea, so perfect. I layed down on my towel and just watched at the sea. How perfect this would be at night, with the perfect boy and music... But I soon woke up from my daydream when someone suddenly threw a ball to my head.

' AUUU! watch out! ' I screamed not even looking behind me to see who was so stupid to throw a ball to my head.

' oh my god, I am so sorry ' I heard from behind me, I turned around and couldn't believe what I saw. He was the most perfect guy ever! Dark blond hair, stunning hazel/caramel eyes and that body oh wauuuw. It was definetely love at first sight.

' I am Justin, what's your name? ' he said.

At first I just couldn't open my mouth, he was just so stunning, but then I realized I was looking like a completely idiot.

' my name is Jenna, nice to meet you ' I said with a big smile.

' nice to meet you too Jenna, I am so sorry for that ball it won't happen again. Are you sitting here all by yourself? '

Omg if I said that I was sitting all by myself I would be a loser and i didn't want to be a loser omg what should I do.

' no, my friend went to the store to buy us something to drink '

Justin seemed kind of surpirsed, since there was only one towel but i didn't care.

' oh well, i guess that she won't mind if I sit here until she returns?'

' i'm sure that se won't '.

So Justin did what he said, he sat down next to me and we talked.. For hours, about everything. Talking to him was just so easy, not like talking to other boys. I felt so comfortable around him.

' your friend is taking long girl ' he said, while he smiled. Gosh he had such a cute smile

' yeah I know, she probably went back to her home in England hahahah'.

Suddenly he put his arm around me, this was the best feeling ever. I felt so safe, I just wanted this moment to last forever.

' JENNA WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN AL DAY? ' someone behind me screamed, and i recognised the voice. Noooo mom why now? Why at this moment when I was sitting with the boy of my dreams. Justin Immediately took his arm away.

' oh.. I see you've made some friends ha? ' my mom said

' I am justin madam, nice to meet you'

' Hi Justin nice to meet you too! Can you tell Jenna that dinner is ready because I think that she's a little mad at me '

' ofcourse I can haha '

I was so ashamed, how could she? She just interrupted the most perfect moment of my life, thanks a lot mom. I wanted to walk away but Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to his body. He put his arms on my hips and I put my arms around his neck.

' so you were just about to go away without saying goodbye? ' he said

' I am sorry, but my mom ughhhh. She can be so annoying sometimes. '

' I kind of liked your mom. But when are we dooing this again? I mean only if you want to '

' ofcourse I want to do this again '

' okay, pick you up at 8 tonight. I am going to show you the most beautiful places in the city ' i was just about to reply, but then he kissed me. I felt like I was on top of the world.

' see you tonight babe ' Justin said, kissing me one more time on my lips before he left.

I couldn't say anything, he just left me breathless.

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