Thanks for the memories

Three weeks together.. That's all it took, three weeks for me to fall in love with you. ❤️


2. A night to remember

What should I wear tonight? I had dresses, skirts, shorts but nothing pas perfect for Justin. I put on a little black dress with red high heels. Hmmm this was kind of nice. I put on some earrings just to finish the outfit, perfect!

I heard my mother talking to someone so I assumed that Justin was here, this night was going to be totally amazing. When I walked out of my room Justins looked so surprise at me.

' what? ' I said with a big smile on my face.

' you look absolutely beautiful Jenna ' my face turned red, I think that I'm as red as my shoes

' awwww ' was the only thing that could come out of my mount.

He grabbed my hand and we went to his car, since i didn't know anything about Italia I also didn't know where we would go, but i kind of liked it. It meant that justin actually had planned someting for us, and it made me feel very special.

At first we arrived at a beautiful retataurant with a nice view on the sea. He had reserved a tabel for us and it was so nice decorated with candles and flowers.

' like it babe? ' he asked me

' like it? Love it, it's perfect. '

' everything for you '.

I couldn't believe that a boy who I just knew one day could mean already so much to me. With Justin, the vacation wouldn't suck so bad.

Justin told me about his whole life. How he grew up without his parents being there for him. His dad was an alcoholic who abused him and his mother, so he hates his dad. When Justin was about 7 years his dad left with another woman, who was 20 years younger than him. But Justin didn't care, he was happy that he left. He also told me that his mother meant the world to him, that he would do anything just to see her smile. So when she said that her dream was to live in Italia Justin made her dream come true. He left everything behind in America. His friends, his family, his school, everything. But his mother was so happy here, that it was all worth it.

So when Justin told me all of this, I decided to tell him why we were here in Italia.. I guess I could trust him with this

So I told him every single thing. From the day that we found out that my dad had cancer, until now. We always thought that he would survive it, and he was actually better for a time but it returned, 3 times worse. His last wish was to go on a vacation with me and my mother, after this vacation it will al go downhill said the doctor. So we would have to enjoy this time together, before it was too late.

After dinner he took me to a very special place.

' I used to come here all the time when i had a hard time. When I missed my friends, or when I just missed home.' He said to me, and I could hear that he did actually miss home.

' do you still talk to your friends? '

' no, I think that they forgot about me.. '

I felt so sorry for him..

' justin I am afraid ' I said

' why babe? '

' 3 weeks is a short time, after that we have to go our seperate ways..'

' Don't be afraid, just live in the moment. This 3 weeks will be the best time of our life '

He always knew what to say to make me feel alright.

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