Love Me (16+/ Niall Horan)

Ariel Mendes lives the life that nobody wants. She is surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and murderers. She always talks about how men are selfish pigs, but what will happen when a special guy, named Niall Horan comes around? Read to find out!


2. School (A.K.A. The Hell Hole)

Ariel's POV

I got up this morning, contemplating whether I should skip or not. I decided to go because I realized I didn't have anymore money to go to the market. I looked into my closet to grab another pair of the usual; a white v-neck, gray skinny jeans, a gray hoodie, and black converse.

I walk to school everyday, so my mom doesn't have to wake up so early. As I was walking through the living room, I spotted my dad laying on the the couch again. I can tell that my mom kicked him out because of yesterday. I stuck my middle finger up at him, since he's sleeping. I quietly laughed, then headed out the door.

When I got to school, I regretted my choice. First period, I had science. We were doing an experiment, where we dissect a lambs brain. And you know what experiments mean... Partners.

Everyone ran to pair up with their friends, while I just sat there. I put my hood up, and put my head on the desk to look like i was falling asleep. Soon, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I look up to see an unwanted face... It was a popular... Named Niall Horan. "Hey, wanna be partners?" He smiled. "Is this a joke?" I squinted my eyes at him. "No. I just want to be partners with you." He smirked. "Ugh" I said putting my head back on the desk. I could hear him moving to the other side of me, and sit down. "Hey come on, we have to get started if we want that A!" He says tapping my shoulder again. "Why are you talking to me?" I whined. "Because I want to help you get better grades. I know you're struggling." He said in his Irish accent.

Great. So now I'm getting "help" from a popular... "So do you want to go first?" He asks with a smile. All I do is simply scrunch my face up at him. "Here," he grabs my hand, and places the scalpel in the palm of my hand. He closes my hand, and then puts his hand on top of mine, and makes a slice in the lambs brain. He's basically holding my hand! I think to myself. He let's go, then says "Now you try." I make another slit in the brain. I stick out my tongue, from the sight of the slimy brain. I can feel his eyes stare at me and chuckle. "Okay, how about I cut the brain, and you write down the parts." He laughs. I just nod.

Why is he being so nice to me? He has never talked to me once before, so why today? There were plenty of other people to chose as a partner. It makes me feel awkward because I've never talked to someone popular before... Well at least I can cross that off my list.

The whole block he just tried to make jokes but I kept my grounds. Here and there I laughed, but I tried to hide my reactions. Loud high pitched laughs ruined my train of thought. I look over to see a group of popular girl looking toward my direction. Right when I look at them, their smile turns into a disgusted glare. I role my eyes at them and continue to help Niall. "Look how ugly she is. And her hair looks like a weave! Ew." I hear them say. I just give them an evil look, and then turn back away. Ugh. I hate populars. They're always making fun of me or criticizing my looks. I just wish looks didn't matter...

At the end of class, we turn in our paper. I quickly walk towards the door to escape Niall, but he grabs my wrist before I can walk the other way of the hallway.

"Hey, so I guess you can say we're friends now?" He smiles. "What the fuck. No." I half yell at him. "What? Why not?" Niall asks confused. "Look Horan, I don't know what you're up to, but you need to stay away from me. I know you're planning something. You're a popular, and I'm a nobody. Populars don't just talk to nobody's for no reason." I say, yanking my arm out of his grip. I hear him snicker, "Expect me at lunch, Ariel." He yells to me as I hurry away. Wow what a perfect day so far, wouldn't you say? Ugh. Okay... Well maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental of Niall... But I just think he's doing something like a bet or a dare to talk to me. And now he's going to see me at lunch? He'll probably just stick out his foot and trip me over as I'm walking out of the lunch room. Great, now I'm going to be paranoid all day...

Next stop... 2nd period. I have History, my least favorite class. Its worse than Science. The good thing is that Ms. Howell never makes us choose partners, but I'm pretty sure she hates me. She always glares at me in a mean way when she calls on me. And whenever a group around me is talking, she always makes sure to include me in her list of kids to punish. I've literally have never spoken to anyone in the class all year long, yet I get the blame as well. And whenever I get an answer wrong, she makes me feel 1 billion times worse, by laughing. What kind of teacher makes fun of a student getting an answer wrong? Sometimes I just feel like getting up from my seat, walking up to her desk, and slapping her in the face, because she pisses me off so much.

*ring* Crap. The bell went off right before I got into the classroom. "Do you have a pass Miss Mendes? You're late" She asks me shifting her glasses down. "I was literally only like 3 inches outside of the door." I argue. "You are still counted as late. Have a seat." She answers, marking me down on the attendance roll. You see what I mean? A real teacher would excuse me, and be more reasonable. I really don't like to argue with teachers, because they always find a way to win. I'd probably just get sent to the office or get a call home, so it wasn't worth it. School is nothing like you see on TV. There's no fun thing about high school. We don't get up and dance on tables. And we most certainly do not sing. School is just frustrating.

I try to pay attention to Ms. Howell but she is just so boring! "Today class, we will be learning about World War 2. Get out your notebooks." She announced. It's funny because no one usually does what she says. They just whine and make annoyed faces. Trying to be a good kid, I take out my notebook. I place it onto my desk, then zip up my bag. As I look back up to the front of the class, Ms. Howell starts to teach. "So a very important part of World War 2 was the Germans. You all know there was a man called Hitler, right? He first attacked the country Poland, and that's what basically caused the war." She explained to us. I turn my head, to a guy named Nate. He leaned over and handed me a note. I looked at him confused, and then grabbed the note. "Miss Mendes, passing notes are we?" Ms. Howell calls out. "No, no. It wasn't me." I try to explain. "No need to make excuses. Here, come up and share with the class what you needed to say so badly, that you had to disrupt my teaching." She insists. I slowly get out of my seat and walk up to her desk. I turn and face the class, and unfold the crumpled piece of paper. "Ms. Howell is truly a bitch. I bet that thing sitting on top of her head is a weave. I wish she'd stop teaching us stupid history stuff, and go teach herself how to get a man instead." I gulped as I finished reading the dreaded note. The whole class laughed as I finished the last words. I stared at Ms. Howell as she fixed her hair, and shifted her glasses. She cleared her throat, "I see miss Mendes. You're excused from class, go to the office." She says to me. "But it wasn't me! It was Nate! He passed the note to me!" I tried to explain. "Enough! I already made my mind." She insisted.

Strike two. I did absolutely nothing, and all I did was get in trouble all class. Now, I have to talk to "smart mouth" Mr. Coleman, the principal. I waited in the office, until Mr. Coleman came. "Ah, Miss Mendes, no surprise seeing you here." I rolled my eyes as he greeted. "I come here often just to see you!" I lied through my teeth. "So what'd you do this time?" He asked, tapping his foot. "Nothing." I answered. "Of course... You never do anything," he said in a sarcastic voice. "1 week lunch detention. Your job is to come to the office to each lunch, and when lunch is over, wipe down the cafeteria tables." My jaw dropped as he said those words. "You're dismissed. Get back to class." Mr. Coleman, says turning around back towards the office.

What a nice way to start my day in school! Or should I say a day in hell...

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