Love Me (16+/ Niall Horan)

Ariel Mendes lives the life that nobody wants. She is surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and murderers. She always talks about how men are selfish pigs, but what will happen when a special guy, named Niall Horan comes around? Read to find out!


1. My Life (Short Chapter)

Ariel's POV

"I fucking hate you!" My mom yelled at my father. I was laying in bed, listening to their stupid argument. "Don't ever talk to me again! This is the second time that I've caught you spending time with these whores. The worst part is that I had to find out from our own daughter!" She cried.

My name is Ariel Mendes, just one of your average delinquent teens. In case you were wondering, Yes. I'm named after the mermaid. I originally have black hair, but I dyed it bright red to match my name. Sadly, I am an only child. I am 16 years old, and clueless about the world. I live in a place where people get killed on a regular basis, and drugs are a girl's best friend.

You are probably wondering what my parents are fighting about. So basically, my father has been "staying late" after work, and he thinks I don't realize what he's doing. The sad thing is that he knows nothing about me. Every night when he tries to sneak into the house, he thinks I'm sleeping. That's why he thinks he can get away with it, but if he payed attention to me more, he would know that I stay up until 4 am each night crying about how I hate my life. When he comes home late, he would park outside, stay in the car, and then go into the backseat. I wouldn't actually see them doing it, but I know that there would be a girl in there. They would have sex... And it really fucking broke me to know that my father is a dumbass who cheats on his wife.

I hate guys because I know they'll probably be like my father. I'll get hurt, and feel worthless like my mother. I just don't know how my mom deals with all of this crap. She is the strongest person I know; my hero.

I stare outside of my window at the night sky. The sky is never bright... It seems as it's always filled with sorrow. People talk about how the bright stars light up the world, but I never see that. The sky is always clear...

I go to school mostly everyday, but when I'm really stressed I skip. I usually go to the market to pick up something to eat with the little money I have, then chill out near the local park.

I don't really have friends at school... I'm that one girl who sits by herself, near a group to look like I'm hanging with them, but in reality I don't even say a word. I'm quiet in class, and try to get good grades... But I always end up getting mostly C's. People make fun of me in school because I wear the same clothes.. Not exactly the same clothes, but I have multiple pairs of the same style clothes. They just don't know that.

I wish some popular kid would just come up and stick up for me, but no one does... I just wish they would talk to me... Everyday the popular kids sit at a rounded table, known as the "Popular Table". Only they sit there, and if anyone else tries to, they will get hurt. The populars were jerks and I despised them, yet I wish I could be them. I just want to feel on top of the world for once...

Someday I wish to live in a big house, with a knight and shining armor, who can sweep me off my feet. I want a gentleman, but also someone who knows how to turn me on. Where are you my prince? Take me away from this bad place...

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