Tears Of An Angel

Isabella Stevens is an Angel. I can't get more basic than that. She has wings, she is musical, she is beautiful, and she lives in heaven. Well more like, lived in heaven. She broke one itsy bitsy little rule and is put on probation. She has to live with Wolves. You heard right wolves, werewolves to be exact.

She still gets all her special angel powers, but she also has werewolf powers. She can shift, she can....well pretty much everything else she already has so it's basically just shifting. She happens to meet someone there she did NOT want to meet. She didn't even think it was possible for this to happen. She just hopes God takes her back soon.

Tears of an angel is the song for the story but each chapter has its own song so i will post that in every chapter


1. Goodbye My Heaven

Song For Chapter:

Rascal Flatts- Here Comes Goodbye. 

Isabella as in Angel- 

Isabella as a human- 

Isabella's POV: 

     I packed away everything needed. The Golden streets i walked on would soon turn to stone. Cold, hard concrete that brought no welcome, no love that was desperately needed. I messed up. I fell for an Angel and that angel is gone now. In heaven it is against the rules to fall for an angel. Angels have no time for love. Love from an angel to an angel is selfish and a distraction. I fell for the Angel Satan, when he was good of course, when he turned and started working for the devil my heart broke. For falling for an Angel, God is punishing me by sending me to live with a werewolf pack. I will still have my powers but i will also have the powers of a werewolf. 


I zipped up my suit case and sat on my bed. I looked at my room. The empty white walls, The pale light that came through the window, making the room bright. I stared outside for a moment before breaking down. Heaven isn't a place you want to leave. My family is here. My brothers Gabriel and Micheal, they are actually my blood brothers. My sister Mary, my best friends Cassiel and Rahael. I'm gonna miss them all but i'm mostly gonna miss God. He was so merciful and i had broken his rules. 


Tears ran down my face as i held back sobs. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and i turned to see Gabriel. He wrapped me in his arms. His arms right under my wings. "I don't want to leave. I love it here. I'm gonna miss it so much!"  I sobbed into his chest. He just shushed me and held me tighter. After a while of hugging and crying he pulled back and grabbed my face. His thumbs wiped away the remaining tears and rubbed circles on my cheeks. "Get into the Earthly clothes. You'll have to leave soon." Gabriel reminded me. I knew he hated to see me this way. I was usually as strong as a rock when it comes to emotions, but then again this is heaven. There isn't much to cry about. I changed out of my silky white gown. It was known as heavenly clothing and had a fabric made by clouds so i couldn't wear it on earth. I changed into the human clothes and made my way to cloud 13. The Cloud of departure and transportation. Most of the time only guardian angels used it but today i was.  


When I made it to cloud 13. I saw All of my family there. There before me stood Mary, Rahael, Cassiel, Gabriel, Michael, and even God himself. God was at a normal height, but seemed so much larger, he seemed mighty and large. Like Goliath in a way but with a softer facial features. He didn't look mean or scary, just tough and strong. He glowed with gold light, like us angels but his light was brighter. God was perfected to perfection. As the clock ticked, i gave each of the angels that came a farewell hug. With only 5 minutes left till my departure, i stood before God. After a moment i jumped into his open Arms. "Here Comes Goodbye My Child." He spoke in a deep voice. "How Long?" i asked. I wasn't gone yet but i already missed him. "Just in till you complete your assignment." He answered. "Assignment? What assignment?" I questioned, i heard nothing of an assignment. "You will find out soon, my daughter." He set me down just as the clock dinged. I picked up my bags as i stood on the edge of the cloud. I looked over my shoulder too see a tear fall down Gabriel's cheek. I smiled a little and mouthed to him, 'soon'. I'll miss him so much. With that I turned and fell off the cloud, back facing the ground, stomach facing up. I closed my eyes as i waited for the wind tunnel to swiftly carry me down to Earth. 

                                                    Goodbye My Heaven.   

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