Deranged with the urge to kill. Harry Styles can't control these thoughts. For him, its just that; thoughts. He has never acted on these impulses, and tries to resist the urge to think about it. Lately, Harry's lack of emotion and care for people has him boarding on Psychopathic behaviour, and murderous tendencies. That is, until he meets Allison Harmon, a bartender at the new Point night club down town.


2. Two

Bar Cleaner Wanted!

Seek information inside.

I shifted my stance and cocked my head. Point was a new club that just opened, and yet they didn't have a cleaner? I guess it wasn't exactly a club. There were two area's in this place, a family-friendly dining area and the club itself. I had heard about it before it opened. It was meant to be a four storey high night club, but the owners wanted their market to be bigger, therefore they added in a diner with the nightclub up stairs. 

I pushed open the club's doors, and made my way inside. Bright white lights hung on the ceiling, making it easy for me to navigate the dark furniture and carpets. A man with brown hair stood at a small opening, which I guessed was the entrance into the diner. I walked up to him with a smile on my face. 

  "I'm here about the bar cleaning job?" I asked, shoving my hands in my pockets.

The man looked disgusted, like he was considering letting me in or telling me to fuck off. Either would be good, actually. The way he was dressed was way too formal. Come to think of it, I wasn't really desperate to get a job, even though I had to pay my cable bills. 

  "This way," he said, and lead me into the room behind him. The color pallet was red, black and gold. He stopped, and pointed to a door on the back wall. "Go over there and knock. Our manager will be with you shortly."

The man turned around and returned to his post. The empty room seemed odd. Shouldn't there be more people here? I bypassed multiple dark wooden tables and reached the door. A small gold plaque read; Staff Only. I knocked twice and stood back to wait. A shuffle was heard behind the door and quickly, it swung open. A round man stood before me. His eyes were a steel grey and his round face was spotted with moles. 

  "What do you want, kid?" he asked. "I'm in the middle of something here." 

I cleared my throat. "I'm here about the cleaning job? The one out front?"

The man took awhile to assess the information. "Oh, yes! The sign. Come in, come in." He moved his body partially away from the doorframe, swinging his hand as a gesture to invite me in. 

I shuffled past him and looked around. It was neat, like you would have expected. A desk sat in the far corner, facing away from me. There was a kitchen and a round dining table and nothing else. It was so plain and mismatched, it didn't even look like a part of Point.

I pulled out one of the dining chairs and sat down, facing the man. He waddled over and leant against a bare wall opposite me. "I'm Marvin, nice to meet you...?" 

  "Uh, Harry." 

  "Ah, nice to meet you Harry. I need to ask you a few questions, is that okay?"

I nodded, my throat closing a little. He sounded like one of those detectives from the crime shows that was interviewing the murderer. "Yeah, it's fine."

Marvin ran his palm across his forehead, wiping away sweat. Why was he sweating? "Do you have a criminal record?"

No, but I might have one soon if I can't control these fucking urges. "No."

  "You free anytime during the week? You may be called in to fill for another job, is that okay?"

  "I'm free whenever, and I'm fine with that."

  "All right, you start here at five." Marvin looked at his watch and smiled. "Which is in ten minutes." He looked at my clothes and made the same face as the man out the front. "Do you have any... nicer clothes?"

  "Not exactly?" 

Marvin rolled his eyes and pushed himself off the wall. "Stay in here until five, there is no point in going home if you're not going to change or get cleaned up." Marvin then waddle towards the open door and walked out. 

Get cleaned up? Oh, Marvin needs to shut his mouth before I--

A sink. I guess I could 'get cleaned up' there? I stood up and walked suspiciously towards the small silver sink. I looked down at myself. My arms were grubby from my run today, and I smelt of sweat. I pulled off my white t-shirt and turned on the hot tap. I placed the shirt to the side and ran my fingers and hands under the water until it was the right temperature. Then, I started to rub the water up my arms and around my chest, hoping the grub and smell would wash away. Afterwards, I turned off the tap and stood there dripping, looking for a towel, or at least a hand towel. 

I kicked open a few cupboards beneath my feet, and eventually a small hand towel leapt out of one of them. I picked it up and started patting away the water, seeing the dirt kind of disappear. Once I was completely dry, I slipped my shirt back on and glanced at the clock on the wall, which read 4:58pm. I turned towards the door, and it suddenly swung open. 

Marvin rushed in with a hand bag. It took all I had not to let out a laugh, and when he placed it on the bench, he cursed. "Allison is late, again." 

  "Is that her hand bag?" I asked, stepping past him to get outside. 

  "Yes," he said, and turned to me. "Where are you going?" 

I cocked my head. "To clean?" 

  "All of the cleaning supplies are in the other back room, Harry. That's where we keep the stuff you have to clean with." Marvin shuffled past me, and exited the room. My blood began to boil.

Stay calm, Harry. Stop thinking about it.

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