Produce Island

Set in a distant future,two girls in two separate worlds discover each other with a stroke of luck. As they meet, they find out the terrible truth and their identity. Born to be machines, follow Olive and Ilana in a compelling tale of humanity.

*cover by Secrets Unfold, many thanks!


12. Truth

During their short interaction with a tiger lady and some magic markers, they had lost Sandra and Amber. Thankfully, they hadn’t made any turns, and they spotted them in a café straight ahead. They seemed to be watching a screen TV in the café. As they approached, they could clearly see there was news on. Two old anchors were delivering in a serious manner. “…is continuing as the government is firmly keeping their plan of the islands’ destruction. If the government persists, there is only three days left. The main protestors cry out that the human rights of the islanders should be taken into notice. And Charles, could you explain why the government is not backing down on the islands’ destruction?” Olive and Ilana were mildly interested in London’s news, and although they had no idea what they were talking about, it seemed to relate back to Sandra and Amber’s conversation in the train station. “Yes, Bob. The government had been difficult with trash issues for the past few years, while the nation’s trash produce increased by almost 150%. Worldwide environmental organizations pressed against burning, and there was no more room for fills. Just in timing, all the produce coming from the two islands started to be overstocked, and having more than the country could use, the islands were no longer needed.” The girls had a big surprise while they were thinking that the people on this island had no idea of any other islands. But here it looked like the people here knew about- and their tone almost made it feel like- they owned two islands. They talked in a way that made them assume that the islands were controlled. “And clearing the islands for a place for the trash turned out to be a perfect solution to both problems! But why is the government just ‘clearing’, or simply put, bombing, with all those people there? There are quite a lot of people there, and all of them just being- I mean- it’s not good to think about, whether or not they are near-slaves. Aren’t there any other options, such as taking them all out through the emergency train, re-educating them, and letting them settle down as proper people?” Olive started to wonder what these islands were, because the islanders were very unfortunate! She didn’t even consider, or perhaps have a creeping feeling of odd worry, that these islands were, well, possibly their own islands? “Well, that is a choice, but it would be a massive dent in the nation’s budget. It is already a big economic loss with all the money spent in the people working there, clean houses for everyone, clothes, systems, buildings, technology! Another reason is that there are simply too many people. With Mayfield and Charbon put together, there are-“ After that, there came a list of figures that neither Olive nor Ilana heard. They were overcome with shock and disbelief that their islands- their islands- had been controlled by another island all along- this island- which gave all the answers to all their mysteries. Where the rest of the produce went, why the ‘government officials’ (probably normal London people who were good at acting) were secretive, why they always worked so much, why only two islands survived ‘the war’(which was now clear that had never happened)? All of their questions were now answered, the terrible truth in front of their very eyes. Their parents. Poppy! Vanessa… The girls were overcome by so many people they knew, still on the island, and went wild. Ilana felt a mix of emotions. So she was right, there were many unfair secrets. The fight with Vanessa on the day it all started had every reason to take place. So she was right, but that also meant that everyone she ever knew, her parents, friends, every single person- was in perilous danger. Except for one person, who she had just met today. Olive was the only one who she had to hold on, and she knew that together, they would try to save everyone. Which made both of the girls turn back towards the news for more information. “…protest going on in Hyde Park, where cops are currently out, and below is the address where the strongest protest organization is staying. They had a plan for a big protest on the islands themselves, but having no way to get there, they do not have any way to block the government.” “Yes, and that is it for the news! We will be back with the weather after a short commercial. Thank you, Bob.” “Thank you, Charles.” The screen read a long address, much longer than the ones they used to have back on the islands. The girls hurried to remember all the words and numbers, and still were worried, constantly repeating the address through their lips. For now, this so called ‘protest group’ was all they had to hold on to. From the news, they had heard that they needed actual islanders or a way to get into the islands. Maybe this could mean… hope.
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