Produce Island

Set in a distant future,two girls in two separate worlds discover each other with a stroke of luck. As they meet, they find out the terrible truth and their identity. Born to be machines, follow Olive and Ilana in a compelling tale of humanity.

*cover by Secrets Unfold, many thanks!


14. Flight

In five minutes, the grand hall was deserted. The organization took the girls to one of the rooms they had been occupying. “Okay, girls, the bombing is to take place in four days. But today, it’s too late- look. It’s dark outside, and you girls have had one long day. We can’t afford to go right now, but we would still have three days for the protest if we get there first thing tomorrow. First, you can wash up. There’s a hot tub over there.” The girls were nodding, excited at the thought of a bath with a hot tub, which they had only heard of. But even their excitement could not hide their hunger, and Ilana’s stomach growled. The man looked at them. “We’re sorry, we did not have anything to eat all day…” “My goodness! Excuse me. I had not thought of that. Don’t worry, we’ll have some good food ready while you’re giving yourselves a scrub.” A hot tub was a delightful experience for Olive and Ilana compared to the cold showers back home. While they were drying, luxuriously wrapped in towels, room service knocked at their door with steaming soups and pasta with mashed potatoes and gravy. Olive and Ilana had never eaten so much at once. The man stayed to watch them finish their meal, then make sure they were comfortable. First time between two sheets with two pillows each, the girls were on cloud nine. It wasn’t long before they drifted off to sleep, and it only felt like a blink of an eye before sunlight was streaming between the blinds. * * * After a huge breakfast of raisin scones, French toasts and butter, jam, syrup, the girls and the organization piled into a minibus for their big day. “Where to go, girls? Quick!” The people asked. “We actually don’t really know the station-“ they all slapped their hands on their foreheads and groaned at this particular remark by Olive- “but we do know the station has a statue of a man holding onto his hat and his coat-tails flying out behind him. It’s a really, really big station. Oh, and there were these words on the base of the statue- uh… And in the shadow less…” The old man’s face lit up along with all the other people. “Say no more, Olive. St. Pancras station, please!” He called out to the driver. On their way, they experimented different ways to conceal the girls in the station, and were unable to come up with any. Just as they were giving up, they drove past Hamley’s. Naturally, the girls stared at the memory of the markers and the tiger lady. “Is there anything wrong, girls?” The old man asked them, and the driver stopped. As they slowed to a stop, a woman with a tiger suit in her arms ran out of the building, restless, looking left and right. The girls’ heart stopped for two seconds. They recognized her. “That’s it!” The man cried and ran out of the car. He took the tiger suit from the confused lady’s arms, and quickly returned to the car. “I’m very, very sorry. This suit will be returned with paybacks for any trouble we might have caused. But right now, we really need this. Sorry, thank you! Bye!” The woman blinked. They were gone. * * * It was very stuffy, Olive because she had Ilana on top of her, which made her sweat, and Ilana because she had the tiger head on, which was already sweaty. The fact that they were on top of each other, disguising themselves, got on their nerves. And if they got caught, no one knew what would happen. Which did not help at all. Every step, every look people gave them was a series of cold sweat and hammering chests. A police officer walked by, then suddenly stopped, seeing the organization. Naturally, he was suspicious, and the tiger added on to the big question mark. “What is this?” He asked, and the old man answered. “It’s a costume for one of our protests in the park. We’re just retreating. We’re taking the six o’clock train to Dartford.” The police officer cast them one more glance, then shook his head, walking away. He mumbled something as he went by. “How do they expect us to find two bloody little girls when they could be anywhere?” Ilana heard this, and smiled. When they were out of earshot, the old man whispered. “Where to, girls?” “It’s, well… It was near a huge clothing donation. There are a lot of crates stacked next to a wall, and behind that, there’s a secret platform with the train that takes you to both the islands,” Olive answered. “Okay… I don’t know about the crates, but let’s look for that clothing donation.” They stopped over at a corner shop and got the directions for the clothing donation. When they got there, the stack of crates were easily spotted at a side. Many people looked at it curiously, but no one went nearby. They slipped in behind the crates, hoping and praying that no one saw them. But just as they were assuming no one had seen them, they heard the voice of the police office that they previously conversed with. “There they go, quick!” He shouted, blowing his whistle, and there were half a dozen police officers sprinting at their direction soon. The girls, and the organization, would normally have looked at each other in fear, asking themselves ‘What do we do?’ But in this particular situation, things were quite different. Not pausing one moment, every single person darted towards the train without a thought. Their instincts drove their feet like they had never run. Just as the men were closing in, all of them were in the train. Olive got to the drivers and slammed her hand on the green button, her shoulders heaving. Ilana was well off Olive’s back by now. The police officer pounded on the closing door, then realized it was no use. The last thing they saw as the train pulled out of the platform was him taking out his radio and contacting someone.
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