My Bully, Louis Tomlinson

What if you fell in love with the person that made your life hell? What if you fell in love with the person that you wish that you would just die because of him? Well I did. I fell in love with Louis William Tomlinson... My Bully....
My name's Chloe Middleton and since year seven I have been bullied by one kid and one kid only - Louis Tomlinson. But that all changes in our last year of High School when what was supposed to be a bullying session turned into a kissing session....
*No other 1D members will be in this book - It's set from when Louis was in High School, they might be in the sequel - If anyone wants a sequel.*


2. *Louis P.O.V*

I don't know what came over me, maybe it was the fear of someone seeing that I bullied Chloe and so, well yeah, I guess I just kissed her! It wasn't supposed to feel like anything but I did feel something, it's 'better than words, more than a feeling'. Kissing her is something that I would've never of thought of doing - Not in a million years, but what else could I do?

I pulled apart from her when I could no longer here the person's footsteps - Signaling that he / she, most like a he, had walked away. As we pulled apart Chloe and I's eyes locked, we where both captivated in each others stare until she broke it. She picked up her bag and ran off.

"Chloe!" I yelled, she didn't reply - She just kept running. I sighed and began to run after her, I caught up to her when we got to school, damn we must have been running for half an hour! I pulled her back, "Chloe," she winced. "Sorry," I mumbled,

"Oi, Tommo! Over here!" I heard Eric, one of my friends, yell, I sighed,

"I'll see you later?" I asked, she shrugged, "Please?" I asked, she sighed,

"OK," she mumbled before I smiled and walked off.

"Hey, Tommo. Did you win last week?" I looked at Eric, "The game? Football game,"

"Oh, that thing," Eric game me a 'duhh' look and I nodded, "We won that game like we won any other game - we beat those losers like..." I trailed off as I saw Chloe laughing, her long brown hair fell down, past her shoulders, swaying slightly in the wind. I didn't know why I was feeling this towards her, I mean I have a girlfriend and I've been bullying Chloe since we started this stupid Hall Cross School. I don't know maybe it's Chloe's 'Little things' that are attracting me, the things that I've only just noticed. Like the dimples she got when she smiled,

"Tommo? You there?" I asked, I snapped out of my trance,

"Yeah umm, sorry, what where we talking about?" I asked, Eric and a few others laughed at me,

"God - Tommo, whats wrong with you?" Daniel asked, another friend, I shrugged,

"It's a girl," Stan declared, I laughed, "No, Lou, seriously - Who's the girl?" I shrugged,

"Why's it have to be a girl?" I asked, Stan smirked at me,

"Louis - You only act like this when you're in love with a girl!" Stan told everyone, I sighed, "OK, guys we'll be back in a minute," he told them and pulled me aside. "So who's the girl?" Stan asked, I sighed - I knew that either of us where leaving until told him about Chloe.

"Chloe," I mumbled,

"Really?!" Stan almost yelled,

"Shhh!" I hissed, "Yes really,"

"So?" Stan asked, trying to act all cool, "Why? Why now?" I shrugged,

"I don't know, I kissed her earlier,"

"Oh! Really?!" Stan asked - Sounding like the worlds biggest girl!

"Yes... Really!"

"So, what are you going to do about Lia?" I shrugged, Lia was my girlfriend - she wasn't the best girlfriend. To be honest I just think that she's using me for the popularity, Lia has the words most pinkest lips, light blue eyes and her blonde, curly, hair stops at where her shoulder blade is. She was really beautiful but no where as near as beautiful as Chloe. I sighed,

"I don't know - But I don't think anyone likes her anyway," Stan nodded,

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, we all think she's using you for your money, popularity, looks, sex, popula...."

"Wait what?" I asked, Stan looked at me confused.

"What?" I asked,

"What, oh yeah I said popularity twice - My bad,"

"No, no, no - Not that. About the sex thing,"

"Oh, that. Yeah - Lou, she's just using you for sex," I looked at him confused,

"What? But I've never had sex with Lia," I told him, he looked at me confused,

"Really, because me and the guys thought that you and Lia where like the sluttiest couple in the world,"

"What?!" I yelled, "Why would you think that?!"

"Well, Lia comes to school telling us that you've had sex and yeah.... I'm not going to go into detail..."

"But we've never had sex - Wait how comes I haven't heard about this?" Stan shrugged,

"I guess she kept it secret from you," I shrugged,

"If anyone's the slut it's her," Stan laughed as the bell went.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later then," I nodded and walked off,

"Alright, Stan, talk to you later," I yelled and walked to my class.

The day went slow and I had no classes with none of my friends or Chloe, I had one with Lia but lets face it - Not even I like her anymore! It was only a normal school day but it seemed like it lasted for days, weeks, years - even! On top of that I had football practice so that meant an even longer wait. I sighed as I walked out on the filed to see my other team mates... This was going to be a long day....


"Nice game, Tommo, you better turn up tomorrow for the game!" My coach yelled,

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" I yelled back,

"That's the spirit, Tommo, keep it up," I waved bye to the coach before running off, back home. I opened the door and ran upstairs to get ready. I had a quick five minute shower before I got dressed into a white top that had black thin strips and red skinny jeans, I ruffled my hair before I ran downstairs and out the door. I knocked on next door's house, also known as the Middleton household. The door opened revealing Chloe, who was wearing pinkish reddish leggings, a top like mine but it clung to her body more and the strips where slightly more thinker, over the top she wore a black jacket that had two gold buttons, I smiled at her. She returned one before stepping aside,

"Hi," I said,

"Hey, Louis," she mumbled - I don't know why she always mumbled but for some odd reason it turned me on. There was an awkward silence that fell until a girl with brown hair, with blonde dip dye, walked in, her hair was straight but curled at the ends - I wasn't sure if it was natural or not. She looked about a couple of years younger than Chloe and I, her eyes where a light blue. She looked like a younger version of Chloe but to be honest I think that Chloe's more prettier.

"Hi," she chirped,

"Hi, I'm Louis,"

"I'm Al..."

"Alex! I wanna play dress up!" I heard my younger twin sisters voice's yell, Daisy and Phoebe, 

"Aww, Daisy and Phoebe, leave poor Alexis alone. She properly wants a brake from you two little monsters,"

"Louis' here!" Phoebe's little voice yelled, she ran over and jumped on me. I smiled and peaked her nose,

"And how is my little princess?" I asked, she smiled,

"I'm Ok, how's price Louis?" She asked, I laughed,

"Prince Louis?" Chloe asked, raising her eye brows, I sighed and nodded,

"Yeah - Chloe, Louis' the prince," Daisy told her. Chloe laughed,

"So I take it Alex is your, younger sister?" I asked, Chloe nodded,

"Yep, I have another three sisters and four brothers," I raised my eyebrows,

"Your joking right?" She shook her head,

"Nope, I'm the third oldest, one out of nine,"

"Jesus and I thought having four sisters what hard," Chloe laughed,

"Well we can always swap life's,"

"Nah, I'm good," Chloe laughed, I was happy that I was making her laugh. I was making the girl that I fell in love with laugh at me.


God, I'm a freaking genius!



Hi guys,

So I'm sorry it took me so long to update, I had to eat dinner and then clean and yeah. So I would just like to sat two main things:

1) Like the puns I used at the start of the chapter?


2) I don't have anything against Hall Cross High School in Doncaster, my little cousin actually goes there so yeah - I just put that 'stupid school' stuff there because it's how a lot of kids feel about high school :-D

Also my sister should be getting Movellas soon, the one I'm making this about.

I'm not joking - my mum had nine kids and my older sister is the third oldest and she's eighteen. Anyway, when she joins I'll tell you and yeah. Please comment, like, favorite and like before - If your feeling especially nice you'll hit that fan button like Rufflepuffle and Caitlyn Mae Kelly did because there amaZAYN! 


- Alexis Middleton




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