My Bully, Louis Tomlinson

What if you fell in love with the person that made your life hell? What if you fell in love with the person that you wish that you would just die because of him? Well I did. I fell in love with Louis William Tomlinson... My Bully....
My name's Chloe Middleton and since year seven I have been bullied by one kid and one kid only - Louis Tomlinson. But that all changes in our last year of High School when what was supposed to be a bullying session turned into a kissing session....
*No other 1D members will be in this book - It's set from when Louis was in High School, they might be in the sequel - If anyone wants a sequel.*


3. *Chloe P.O.V*

"And this is my room," I told Louis as we entered my room that had a wardrobe, T.V, bed and some book / DVD shelf's.

"Nice," Louis complemented, I smiled before there was a silence. I wasn't quite sure what kind of silence it was - It felt awkward but nice, if you know what I mean? "So, Chloe?" Louis asked, breaking the silence,

"Yeah?" I slightly whispered,

"I'd just like to say I'm sorry - you know, about that whole bullying thing," I didn't know what to say or do but like always my brain told me to do something before I actually registered what I was doing I already had my arms wrapped around Louis' body and I was giving him a hug! I was giving Louis Tomlinson, the guy who had been bullying me for years now, a hug! Louis didn't oblige to the hug, he let me hug him - he hugged me back and I think that if a random person where to walk in right now they would think that me and Louis where dating, or we had made is an official boyfriend / girlfriend thing. When we pulled apart I was still quite surprised that I had hugged Louis, he looked surprised but happy - like a little kid when they open their Christmas / Birthday present and it's something that they've always wanted! "You... You hugged me?" Louis said - but it coming out more like a question. I nodded,

"Yeah, I guess I did..." There was a couple of seconds silence until I spoke up again, "If that was a problem then, I'm sorry,"  I told Louis, a bit scared that if he didn't like the hug. Louis laughed at me and shook his head,

"Don't worry, Chloe, it's fine. But, urm, did I really scare you that much?" He asked - Sounding a bit hurt. I sighed and slowly nodded, I looked at Louis to see him looking down at him arm, he looked like one of those guilty looking children that you couldn't be mad at for two seconds! "I'm sorry Chloe," he said as he started tearing up, I couldn't help but feel the slightest bit guilty. I knew that it wasn't my fault but I think that everyone gets in these kind of situations where they know that it's not their fault or they have nothing to do with it but the other person's sadness makes you feel really guilty. Louis and I sat down on my bed as I gave him another one of my warm hugs,

"Louis, really, I don't care right now. It was the past - Just as long as you don't do it again," I looked up and Louis to see him look confused but have a slight smile on his face. Not a big one that was stretched from ear to ear but the smile that someone gives you when they're sad - the one where the two ends of their mouth curves up by just the tiniest, smallest bit.

"Really?" He asked,

"Really, what?" I asked,

"Your really willing to forgive me after I did all of that to you," I nodded,

"Every one deserves a second chance in life," I told him, he smiled at me.

"Thank you, Chloe," he mumbled,

"Chloe and Louis - Dinner!" My mothers cheerful but load voice yelled up the stairs - I guess when you're a mother of nine kids you get used to screaming and yelling but sounding like the most happiest person on the earth.

"OK - we'll be down in a minute!" I yelled back, I looked at Louis who was red and puffy eyed,

"Your family have really load voices," I shrugged,

"Well when you live in this family you do have a load voice, you get used to all the noise of the screaming and yelling, constant fights and baby cry's - Because my mother doesn't know when enough kids is enough!" Louis laughed, I grabbed my make up bag and Louis looked at me puzzled. "What, do you really want to go downstairs with red puffy eyes?" I asked,

"You are not putting make up on me!" Louis protested, I laughed,

"Well then you can explain to both of our family's why you've been crying ," Louis huffed,

"Fine," he hissed, I laughed and within a minute you wouldn't have even suspected Louis had been crying.

"There - Now lets go!" I said as I pulled Louis up and towards the stairs,

"If you've made me look like a clown I'm gonna kill you, Chloe," I laughed as we got to the bottom of the stairs. I could tell by the look on Louis' face that he was expecting everyone to burst out laughing and make fun of him but no one did because I am an expert at make up!

"Louis? You can sit down you know, we don't bite," my mother told him,

"Speak for yourself - Jay-Jay likes to bites people's hands off!" My third youngest sister said, who was eleven, I laughed as my two year old brother laughed his little baby laugh. Jay-Jay was the second youngest and by far the cutest of all of us kids - well apart from Alexis.

"So, Louis? Do you do any clubs at school?" My mum asked - Trying to make small talk.

"Yeah - I do football," Alexis whispered something in her twin brothers, Taylor, ear. They both laughed,

"I don't want to know what you said - Because everything that you say is dirty minded," Alexis and Taylor nodded,

"Well she does get it off of mum," My mum cleared her throat,

"Sorry Louis - Carry on," my mum told him as she was getting a bit embarrassed now, Louis laughed,

"Yeah - I'm team captain," Louis said, my mum nodded,

"So how long have you been playing football?" My mum asked, every single Middleton child groaned, including me, our mum was possibly the most annoying-est person in the world to talk to; she always used small talk and it drove every single child up the wall!

"Mum, no offense," I started,

"But your crap at making small talk!" My older brother, by a year - also called Tom, told her,

"Thomas Middleton you have younger siblings around!" Tom shrugged, "Sorry about that - My kids can be pain," my mother told Johanna, Louis' mum, she just laughed. "Sorry Louis - How long have you been team captain?" My mum asked, I sighed - Come one everyone that goes to my school knows this!

"He has been team captain since year eight - How I know this, you ask? Because I remember him acting like an idiot and screaming 'I'm a team captain' as does everyone else," my mum looked at me, pretty surprised that I knew that,

"Is that true Louis?" My mum asked, he nodded,

"Well actually I yelled 'I am the football's teams best captain in the world'" Louis told everyone - making me and Louis' sister, Charlotte, roll our eyes.

"Your not the best," I told him,

"Yeah I am,"

"No your not,"

"Then how comes we haven't lost a game since?" I paused - OK, that I didn't think of.

"I don't know, umm," Louis was smirking, "Shut up!" I snapped,

"I didn't say anything!" Louis protested,

"You thought something," Johanna defended me,

"Shut up mum, this has nothing to do with you!" Louis snapped, making us laugh,

"Don't tell mum to shut up! Big mouth!" Daisy snapped at Louis making us laugh again and then it started....

Louis and Daisy had a fight and Daisy won....

It had been a couple of hours since dinner and we where all saying goodbye to everyone,

"Bye, Louis," I said and hugged him, he smiled,

"Bye, Chloe, I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked, I nodded and he smiled, "Bye, love you Chloe," wait what did Louis just say? Did he just say 'Love you Chloe'? I didn't know what to do but reply with...

"Love you too...."



So what was that about? Chloe and Louis just said that they love each other - In front of their families! What will happen next?

Sorry not telling you :-)

Anyway it's like 15 to 10 pm over in Sothend so yeah - you're lucky I updated!!!

Like always comment about what you think about the chapter, like and favorite. And like I have said in the past - Press that fan button if your feeling especially nice :-)

- Alexis Middlton

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