My Bully, Louis Tomlinson

What if you fell in love with the person that made your life hell? What if you fell in love with the person that you wish that you would just die because of him? Well I did. I fell in love with Louis William Tomlinson... My Bully....
My name's Chloe Middleton and since year seven I have been bullied by one kid and one kid only - Louis Tomlinson. But that all changes in our last year of High School when what was supposed to be a bullying session turned into a kissing session....
*No other 1D members will be in this book - It's set from when Louis was in High School, they might be in the sequel - If anyone wants a sequel.*


1. *Chloe P.O.V*

My alarm went off playing 'Love Don't Die' by 'The Fray'. I groaned, today was Monday - A day I hated along with the other days of the week.


Because I get bullied at school, I have scars, marks and bruises all made from the same guy. Louis William Tomlinson. Louis has brown hair that normally is just in a massive mess but on rare occasions he'll come to school with a beautiful quiff. Louis had sparkling blue eyes that seemed to manipulate me everyday, his eyes where the only ones that saw the hurt in my eyes. His skin was a beautiful tanned kind of color, his lips are a beautiful peachy color that every girl wanted to feel. He is the school's football captain and the most popular-est boy at Hall Cross High (A big school in the small town of Doncaster). He was a magnificent, beautiful, creature that lived on this earth but like everybody there is always a flaw and as I have already said, Louis Tomlinson is my bully. 

I don't know of any one else he bully's, so I'm pretty sure that I am the only person he makes school life hell. Sure there are other bully's none that I've actually been hurt by but I've seen them hurt people but not as badly as Louis does to me. I rolled out of bed and hit my alarm as it began to play the song for a second time now, I got up and winced at the three day old deep cut Louis had given me on Friday. I sighed and carried on walking, grabbing a towel on my way out. I opened the bathroom door and turned on the shower before stripping down to my cut and torn body, I traced all the cuts and bruises before I stepped into the warm water of the shower. I winced  as the bullets of water hit my cuts. Including my newest one, what hurt the most but over the years I've learned how to cope with the pain.

I turned the shower off and climbed out of the shower, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body, I walked into my room and opened the doors off my wardrobe. I took out my white shirt and black cardigan / blazer - Along with my tie, that was a dark green with thin black and yellow strips. I got out a knee length skirt and thick black tights before dressing myself.

When I was done I walked downstairs and grabbed an apple before putting on my black pumps before yelling 'Bye' to my mother. I grabbed my bag and began to walk to school, I live about an hour away from the school so I'm normally the only one from my school I see walking until I get closer to the school premiss. I also happen to live next door to Mr. Tomlinson and he has to walk to - As his mum needs the car because he has four sisters! So, like pretty much everyday - He left at the same time as me. I swear he watch's me and come's out a couple of seconds before I do, every school day! And like today he came out dressed in his school uniform - white shirt, black blazer with the school logo on and black trousers and like anyone else black shoes. He saw me looking at him and smirked, I sighed quietly to myself before putting my head down and walking away - As quickly as possible. But, lucky me, he caught up to me,

"Hey, Chloe? Is it?" I sighed,

"What do you want, Louis?!" I said - it coming out more harsh than I attended it to. He scold at me,

"Don't talk to me like that, bitch," he snapped, I breathed out,

"What do you want?" I asked, it sounding only the smallest bit more friendlier, I saw him smirk at the corner of my eye and I didn't want to know what he was thinking. 

"Well, you know my mum and your mum get along?" I sighed - Having a feeling I knew where this was going. I nodded, "Well,"

"Stop saying 'Well' and just get to the point!" I snapped,

"Shut up! Don't push it, Chloe, I can hurt you a hell of a lot more!" He snapped, I stayed quite and I saw him smile to himself, "Good, now where was I?" He asked, "Well!" He said loudly, obviously trying to piss me off now, "My mum said that we're going around yours after I finish football practice," 

"And what time is that?" I asked,

"Half three,"

"Well then, I'll make sure I'm not home when you arrive!" I said, he smirked,

"No, apparently your mum said that you're not aloud to go anywhere and we both need to 'hang out' whatever that means to our mothers," I groaned,

"I'm still trying," Louis stopped and pushed my up against the wall,

"If I find out that you..." He was cut off my someone yelling,

"Oh! What are you two doing!" By the look on Louis' face he was panicking that he would get caught hurting someone - He was the most known kid in the whole of Doncaster, being the oldest child of the best nurse in England and also being on T.V! I smirked at him before something happened that I would've never have thought would ever happen. Not in a million years. 


Louis William Tomlinson kissed me....



Hi guys,

So this is my first Movella, so please no hate - If you don't like 1D I advise that you don't read it! I don't mind people correcting me on my grammar and spelling and all of that! Please tell me what you think about this book in the comments section down below :-)

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- Alexis Middleton



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