My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


9. Chapter 8

"Explain." She demanded.

I huffed, deciding whether to tell.
I eyed Chase. Chase was fiddling with his fingers, ignoring Emily.

"It's jus-"
A faint sound of music was played from Emily's pocket.
"What now." She sighed.
Relieved, thanking God for his blessings.

"I'm at Nat's."
There was a slight pause until she continued. "Wait, what are you talking about? I'm perfect right now."
She rolled her eyes, "Fine, fine."

After ending the call, she just glared at me.
"You're lucky. I'm hearing an explanation in school!"

"Wait, what?"
She smiled. "Dan's coming over!"
With that, she shouted her goodbyes and sprinted out of the room, leaving the door open.

"That was unusual." I said.
But then, he continued. "And rather disappointing."
"I mean, using Dan to bail her out? I had to do something." He smirked.
But then, everything came to a conclusion.

"You tricked her!" I laughed, throwing a pillow at him.
"..when did you do that?"

He showed me a text message from his iPhone. "Told him that Emily was sick."
"You sicko."
"I'm good, don't you think?" He chuckled.

Mum appeared at the doorway, "Kids, where's Emily?"
"Her boyfriend called her, and she basically ran away."
She just nodded, closed the door behind her and left, leaving me and Chase alone.
The air was cold, and tensing.

Chase was observing outside, making just basically mumbling things to himself.
"Excuse me?" I asked, not hearing what just said.
From the side, I could see him smiling. "He's quite observant, isn't he?"

He then took a step towards the light switch, dimmed the lights and walk towards me who was still sitting on my bed. He made sure to lock the door, not wanting anyone to walk in.
"What are you-"
He smirked. "Just follow my lead."

He pushed me against the bed sheet, both hands trapping me.
"What are you doing, Chase?"
He smiled, "Shh."

I'm feeling déjà vu.
Everything, the atmosphere, the lighting, the tense, everything relates to that.

"I don't think I like this." I whispered, not to ruin the moment.
He gulped. "I don't intend to do this either. Trust me."
I paused. What did he mean?
"He can't hear what we say, right?"
"What do you mea-"

And with that, with all his force and strength, pushed himself against me, and kissed me.


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