My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


8. Chapter 7

"What did he do, when I was unconscious?"


My eyes slowly widen, to a view that calms me, in a way.
"The girl woke up, finally."

The face of a dear, dear friend. Who was prohibited for me to see.

"Natara?" A girl's voice spoke up.
"Hi Emily." I croaked out a voice.

"You didn't reply to my messages! I was worried hell!" Chase screamed out.
He hugged me instantly, and I was about to hug back, when I remembered.

I slightly pushed him away; which I am sure puzzled him.
Emily sighed in relief. "Chase was so worried! He became anxious, for god knows why!"
Chase chuckled, "She wasn't replying to my text messages!"

"..and who wouldn't worry when someone kidnapped you?" He muttered the last part, making sure no one heard.

Emily didn't show any sign of overhearing that.

"Anyway, Natara." Chase called.
I looked over at him. "Are you okay? Do you want anything? Oh, I made breakfast, wait here!"
And with that, he sped off.

I just smiled, wanting to thank him in every way possible.

Felt a nudge on my arm, I turned.
"Why are you ignoring him?"
I widened my eyes, she noticed?
I laughed to shake the tense away, "Ignoring? Chase?"
"Who else?"
"I'm not ignoring him!"
She rolled her eyes. "Don't think I didn't see you pushed him away."
I demanded that I was acting perfectly normal, and she just shook it off.

Everything seemed like a drama if you were to summarize everything that happened until now.

My old bully; became a teacher.
Not only a teacher; but my English teacher.
When everyone thought he was a perfect gentleman, he still picks on me.
He kidnapped me and Chase, just to tell a message of warning.
He demanded for me not to have any sort of contact with one of my best friends; Chase.
Or else, Emily gets it.
He lied to my mum.

Anything new?

The door fluttered open, positioning me to see Chase holding a tray.

"Here, have something." He said, handing me a bowl of porridge.
Emily was observing me, and it wasn't anything weird since she already noticed that I was uncomfortable with Chase's presence.
Oh, if only she knew I was doing this to protect her.

I wanted to act normal, and by that; means talking with them normally, hugging them normally, but after knowing that Adam kidnapped me, it wouldn't be impossible for him to be stalking me now.

Talk about a psychopath, eh?

The cold wind blew through the windows, creating shivers.
Chase tried to shut the windows, but failed.
"Why aren't they closing?" He asked.
I laughed. "They're stuck."
"Oh god, really?"

"I'll try finding sweaters or something." Emily stated.

I closed my eyes, trying to forget that yesterday didn't even happen, and wishing that us three could simply live our own normal lives.

My eyes suddenly opened, when Emily produced a sharp and stern scream.
"What the hell, Emily?!" Chase shouted, a hand flew on his chest.
"You gave me a heart attack!" He continued.

She was staring intently in the drawer.
Looking at something regretful.

Taking out a piece of paper, showing it to both of us.
"What is this!" She demanded for an answer.

Me and Chase exchanged glances.

Her face were full of horror, as she was reading over and over again.
She was reading that only one note that was placed in my drawer.

The note,
that was sent to me,
the day I was kidnapped,
by the kidnapper itself,
Adam Clark.







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