My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


7. Chapter 6

"The girl is coming with me."

In a split second, he pushed Chase away and gripped on my wrist, practically dragging me into his car.
"Isn't this kidnapping!?" I screamed.
Chase ran after Adam, and pulled me away.
"She's not going anywhere."
"Oh is she?" Adam, smirking in words of sarcasm.
With his full force, he pulled me away, opened the door, and pushed me in, and pressing the 'child lock' button, making it impossible for me to open the door from inside.

Adam slipped out a piece of handkerchief, and almost like the speed of light, placed it on Chase's nose. In what I observed, Chase tried his best not to inhale the anesthetic that was placed on Adam's handkerchief.

Chase's face turned blue, as he is incapable of breathing properly.

My best guess is Adam placed chloroform on the handkerchief, and intend to knock Chase out. I tried several other doors in the car, but this guy prepared early. He activated child lock in every door.

Chase starts to weaken as he dropped on the ground.
I, surprised, started to scream for help.
Adam heard my screams, opened the door beside me, and placed the same handkerchief over my nose. I struggled hard, but mostly I didn't inhale. He found me hard to control, and pinched my shoulder. I squealed in shock, which left me regrets in doing that.

But what I regretted the most, was inhaling. That very second.

20 seconds soon, darkness filled my vision.




I woke up with a massive headache, the vision blurred when my eyelids open.

The view that I was seeing was really familiar- my own room.

The last thing I remembered was being in someone's car- right?

I tried standing up, but boy, that was a joke.
A note fell out of my pocket, and onto my bed.

The name written on the note gave me the recollection of what happened.

Adam Clark.

I opened it slowly, until the words appeared.

Tell people of what happened, she gets it.
Stay close to the boy, she gets it.
Save. Your. Friend.
I see you everywhere. -ac.

Three beeps were produced from my pocket, and slid out the iPhone.

It was a text from Chase.
He attached a photo, and to my surprise, he captured a photo of a note; it was almost the same note as the one I have in my hand.

I read the words one by one,

Tell people of what happened, the brunette gets it.
Save. Your. Friend.
Remember, I see you everywhere. -ac.

And below the attachment, he sent a new text.
"What the hell happened?"


It all leads to one person; Emily.

My fingers went on fast to reply, but stopped when I glanced at the note again.

"Stay close to the boy, she gets it, huh?" I sighed.

I slightly pushed my phone away, when the door creaked open.

"Honey? Are you all better now?" A voice spoke up.
I looked up, a mum's face, all bright, and worried. "I'm alright."
She smiled, entering, with a tray on her hands.
While she was settling down the tray on my table, I gripped the note hard, and placed it in my drawer.
"You know, he's kind." She starts talking, taking her place on my bed.
She tapped my shoulder. "Your teacher. He brought you here, remember?"
"He did?"
"Right. You passed out."
"What did he say?"
She smiled again, probably remembering back to the time I was brought here a while ago by the hands of a filthy- filthy human being, my own teacher.
"You passed out at the middle of the sidewalk. I wanted to bring you to the hospital, but then he said your pulse was okay, and all you need was a rest."

A filthy lie too, huh?

I smiled, agreeing, before she takes her part of leaving.

I leaned back, tense were filling the room.

A question was in clinging on my head, since I woke up.

What did he do, when I was unconscious?



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