My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


5. Chapter 4


The bell rang, making everyone scatter around the hallway, going to separate classes.
Let me tell you one thing.
When you have English early in the morning, it only means one thing. Your day won't be so good.

Especially, when the teacher was once the man you despised.

"Take your seats, students." An unusual voice spoke up.
I looked up. I lightened up when he isn't the one who is standing right before my eyes.
"Alright, since Mr. Clark was assigned to a meeting this morning, I will be his substitution."
The class went uproar, but silenced after Mr. Hunter spoke, "He left a message, and whoever gets the least score on English test will have to be tutored by him."

A spark of intensity was spread all over the class, making some students groan.

The giggling girls squealed more in excitement. They wanted to fail just to be alone with a psycho like him? I really hope they don't breed in the future.

"-and whoever fails on purpose, will be sent to the principal." He continued, making me blurt a laugh.
Everyone's eyes were on me, but I just kept my calm.

I always had average results on my English test, and I made sure not to end up in the same space with him again, alone.




Emily was placing her books in her locking, listening to me rambling.
"-and whoever gets the least score has to be tutored by him, can you believe that?" I complained.
She slammed the locker door, and looked at me.
"You've been complaining about him since he came. It's getting annoying. Can you tell me why?"
I paused. Did I complain about him? 'guess I did.
"Well, he just pisses me off."
"Has he been that annoying? I've seen many teachers doing the same darn thing he's doing. And only now you're complaining?"

She grabbed my wrists and I yelped in pain.
She sat me down in front of Chase at the cafeteria, as she explained things to him.
She kept on blabbering, "-I mean, I don't see him doing anything wrong!"
Chase looked at me, "As much as I hate to say this but, I agree with Em."
I sighed.

Emily smiled, "See what we mean? He's done nothing wrong to get complained by you, 'y know?"
Nothing wrong? Yeah, making an innocent girl's life a living hell for 3 years and abusing her is completely fine. No, it's totally not wrong.

She sighed, "Actually, I have a lunch detention right now. I'm leaving. See you after class guys."
I nodded.
"So, have you been alright lately?" Chase asked.
He was referring to that.
"Have you been getting weird messages, Nat?"
I checked my iPhone. No, completely nothing.
I shook my head.

I've been receiving several weird text messages from the same damn unknown number, lately. 

"Chase, stop!" I giggled.
"Stop, you mean continue?"
I slapped his hands away, trying not to laugh again.
"Stop tickling me!" I screamed.
He smirked, pinning me against the corner of the couch, tickling the hell out of me.

We were in his house, and his parents weren't here.
I used almost all my might to push him away, and he dropped on to the ground.
He pouted, "You're no fun. If I did that to Emily, she would let me continue, you know?"
I raised my eyebrow, "Then go play with her!"
"She's with that guy, again." He rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed.
"You're frustrated?"
He nodded.
"Well, then why don't yo-"
I was cut off by the beeping sound coming from my phone on the table.
Chase and I were exchanging glances and quickly, he grabbed my phone.

"Chase Troy Darson, give it to me now!"
He just chuckled, running in circles around the living room.
He was clearly reading my text, but stopped running after a few seconds of reading.
Fear was clearly written on his face.
"It's him again," He whispered.
I joined Chase, and he shared his fear with me when I saw the text.
"I can see you, Natara Hayes."


Chase snapped me back to reality and he placed his hand on top of mine, on the cafeteria table.
"If you ever need someone to talk to, Emily and I will always be here, 'kay?" He smiled.
I smiled back, relieved of having Chase and Emily in my life.
"Thanks Chase, you're a good best friend." I whispered, leaning against his shoulder.

Again, the beeps was produced from my phone as I took it out of my pocket.
I was getting nervous, and Chase was clearly too.
I unlocked it, and my nightmare came true.

"I can see you, Natara Hayes."



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