My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


4. Chapter 3

"Adam." I whispered.
He shook his head slightly.
"You call me Mr. Clark, young lady."
I tried to run, tried to run away from his grasp and this embarrassment.
I spoke loud, "We're in school."
He grasped my wrist, hurting them.
"No one's here."
He continued, "And if you're embarrassed,"
He stopped and looked around for a while until his eyes rested on something.
He gripped my wrist hard and led me to the janitor's closet.

He locked the door, making sure no one is allowed to enter.
He pushed me against the wall, bringing back a thousand memories.
"Miss me?" He chuckled.
I chuckled in sarcasm. "In my ass.."
He leaned in closer, biting his lips. "You weren't this harsh back then."
I rolled my eyes. "At least I've changed a little. Don't you think?"
"You're funny."
I silenced, leaving the fear inside of me.
"Do you think I won't find you? Do you think I'll give up?"
I spoke up, "Why are so obsessed with me?"
He laughed. "You have something people don't."
"Wh-what is that?"
Before he got the chance to speak, the bell rang, startling me.

I caught him off guard, and pushed him hard.
He stumbled backwards, which gave me the chance to flee.
I kept my distance to him as he left the janitor's closet.
A few students were already in the hallway, but not one person noticing our presence.

I saw Chase, and caught up to him, feeling safe with his presence.
Adam eyed me and smirked, and went away.
I sighed, relieved.

"Something bothering you, love?" Chase spoke up.
I stuttered, "N-no, just tired and all."
He smiled, "Alright, oh and Emily said she took extra classes and asked us to go first."
I nodded. I wanted Chase to be with me for a little longer, until I relaxed a bit.
"You look tensed up. Want to drop by at Starbucks for a while? On me."

You know, on times like these, are the times I need Chase and Emily the most.

I agreed, and we spent around 10 minutes walking to Starbucks from school.
"You know, I agree with Emily. Something is bothering you Nat."
I denied, "Shit, I worried you guys. But really, it's all good."
He smiled. "That doesn't convince me. But if you really do not want to tell me, I'll leave it."
"Then, how do I convince you?"
"Do you really want to hear it?" He replied, taking a sip.
I nodded. He would probably ask weird stuff from me. It's what he does.
"Let's watch a movie at my house."
"Again? We did that last time."
"The Notebook is boring. It's all lovey-dovey and shit. I want something thrilling you know?"
I sighed. At least it'll take my mind of him.
He continued, "I'll ask Emily to join us after her classes."
I nodded, before we decided to leave.




"That bitch." He muttered.
"I heard that, you know?"
He chuckled.
"What's up?" I asked, picking a movie from the shelves.
"Emily's with Dan." He slid his iPhone in his pocket.
I laughed. "Again? Hasn't that been going on around since last year?"
He nodded, and pushed me away from the shelves.
"You're slow as shit, Nat."
I just rolled my eyes.
He flaunted a disc in front of me.
"The Conjuring?" I asked, surprised.
"Is this what you meant by 'thrilling', Chase?"
He just chuckled and inserted the disc.

"If you're scared, you can just hug me, y' know that, right?"
"I wouldn't want to if that's the last I'd do."
"Urgh, who would want to hug you either?"
"Shut up, it's starting."

Throughout the movie, I mostly just hid my face on Chase's chest.
"Someone's been in love with me?" He teased.
I realized what I have been doing, and pushed him away.
The jump scares were there every time I focused myself on the screen.
My screams and shouts would be heard by the neighbours, but I couldn't care any more than I do about shit right now.




[Third Person's POV]


She screamed loud, which made me furious.
I stayed behind the bush, which was the closest source to the living room.
She was hiding her face, no scratch that.
She was basically cuddling with that guy.

Chase, was it?

He would occasionally talk to her, during the movie, and she would always push him away.

I was infuriated.


[Natara Hayes' POV]


This movie basically killed me inside, which would occasionally make Chase laugh.
Right now, his laugh is making my fear grow.

Until the movie ended, I haven't realized I was still gripping Chase's shirt.
The eerie silence was creeping the hell out of me.

My phone vibrated, making me shriek. I let my guard down, the whole time.

"You don't want to read that?"

I slid out my phone, and Chase basically was beside me, reading everything that was on my phone.

I unlocked my iPhone, and the text appeared.

And basically, from now onwards, I really wished I didn't read that.

The 6-words text gave me chills.

I read the message over and over again.

Chase looked at me, fear was written all over him.

And probably all over me, too.

He took my phone, and read the text out loud,

"I can see you, Natara Hayes."





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