My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


17. Chapter 16

"Why the fuck were you kissing Adam?"
I was really nervous about what was coming next, and I knew it would be shit.
Sighing on my bed, I stared at my phone.
Thousands of texts were coming from Jaxon.
I groaned, annoyed at myself.

But oh well, I was under a deep shit since Adam came anyway.




The morning in school was spoiled, Chase and Emily just suddenly jumped on me.
They were smirking much, which to my dismay.

"So.." Chase dragged.
I pretended not to not know anything, "What?"
Emily shook my shoulders, "I know you kissed Mr. Clark!"
"Urgh, don't bring it back."
"Anyway, does everyone know?" I continued.
They both giggled.
"So they all know about this?" I screamed, but covered my mouth as soon as I realized.
They were still in a fit of giggles. "Nah, nah, just us both."
"I hope so." I whispered, under my breath.

After the bell rung, hinting that it was English next.
Dreading every second of the journey to the classroom, I finally reached there.
Adam was staring at me, and I tried my absolute best not to blush.
This reminded me back when we were young, of course, back when we were still friends. Close friends.

Throughout half of the lesson, I was still thinking of Adam.
Adam walked past my desk and slipped a note under my hand, without anyone noticing. Or at least I hoped no one noticed.

I opened the note under my desk, reading it word by word.

'wait for me behind the balcony during lunch? i'll bring food x'

Although it had been a long time since I've had lunch with Chase and Emily, a lunch with Adam would be something to look forward to.
I faced him in the class, and waited for him to wink. I was now covering up my face, hiding my now-red cheeks.

Was this something that I look forward to?




Waiting for Adam behind the balcony was really long. There wasn't really much people here. Or maybe not even a person.

"Ah, I'm late, am I not?" A voice spoke up from behind.
It startled me, but calmed me down after realizing it was Adam.
Seeing him made my heart skip a beat. It has been so long since I felt like this. My heart started to thump, and I'm shaking internally.

I shook my head, and he sat right next to me.

"It's just like old times, isn't it?
"Old times? I guess so."

He handed a paper bag, filled with our meal, which, personally, made me hungry.
He chuckled. "So, do you want me to feed you or would you rather feed yourself?"
I declined his offer, "Nah, what would people think if they saw us?"
He continued to laugh, "Oh so you don't mind me feeding you, if we were alone with no chance of people interrupting us?"
I stopped. He got me.

I just took a bite, and he suddenly spoke up, "So what made you agree to meet me?"
I looked at him, clueless.
He continued, "I would take a guess and say you hate me, correct?"
I just shrugged.
"So what made you agree to have lunch with me today?"
"I didn't really say yes, remember? You sent me a note in class, without giving me a choice to answer."
He stiffed a laugh. "But you actually came. Didn't think that would happen."

The air was calming, and the wind was soothing.

I hesitated for a while, "Well, truthfully, in all honesty, I feel thankful to you."
"Thankful? What for?"
"Yesterday. Remember?"
"Remind me, Nat."
I sighed. "Don't pretend, Adam."
"I really don't remember."

I stopped. Was he doing this on purpose?

"Seriously? When you he-"
He suddenly cut me off with a deep kiss, which made my mind turned blank.
He pushed his full body on mine, deepening the kiss.
I did nothing, still surprised.

After what it seemed like a second, he pulled away.

"I only remember the part where we kissed."

It was tense. I, for once, was loss at words.
Did he kiss me again?

We were facing each other, 

Our breaths hitching each other.

We were both not talking, only silence became a friend.

A voice later was sounded, surprising both of us.

"Had fun?"

We both turned to the source of the voice,

only to find Jaxon staring.

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