My Bully Teacher

"Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me.
He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body."

It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5 years ago, becomes your teacher.


15. Chapter 14

Have you ever done something, that makes you feel really bad, and regretted doing it?
Right now, I feel like killing myself?

Was I crazy?
Why did I even accept the maniac's offer to be his 'girlfriend'?
I didn't even know who he was, for fuck's sake!

And now, I'm kissing boys I hardly know?
What has gotten into me, man.

I sighed, lying on my bed.

Was I drunk?

I'm pretty sure I didn't drink any alcohol.
I didn't even drink any liquid for the past hour.

And- why was he looking at me?

What is this feeling?
It's clearly not hatred.
It's clearly not happiness.

It feels like, regret.

Did I regret, making Adam observe my kiss with Jaxon?

Jaxon. Jaxon. Jaxon.
He's going to be a real pain.

Questions can't be answered immediately, it's driving me crazy.

Soon later, I found myself dozing off.




In school, Jaxon approached me and grabbed my hand all of the sudden.
It was painful at first, but I got used to it.

"Alright, girlfriend." He emphasized the word girlfriend.
"I checked your schedule, and guess what?"
I just kept quiet.
"We have the same first class! English!"

I looked at him in horror.
He's been in my English class all along?
Why didn't I notice that?

"Anyway, we should totally walk in hand-in-hand."
I sighed, giving up to what he says.
Walking in, people were staring at us.
And that, includes Adam.
Oh darn.

"Lovebirds, urgh." I heard someone say.
It was coming from Adam's desk.
I rolled my eyes. Was he jealous?

He took a seat next to me, and kept on babbling on what we should do.
Besides the fact that I didn't really care, I was at the point of punching him in the throat.

I couldn't care less at what he says, and my face says it all.
People were giggling, at the fact that my 'boyfriend' was talking to me, but I ignored him.
Oh how in love we are.

Throughout the lesson, I just doodled on my notebook, not giving a crap about anything.
Oh how slow the day is passing by.




After every darn lesson, Jaxon would come by my locker and peck me on the lips.
I didn't mind the kiss.
What I minded, was the attention we were getting.

Of course soon, the kiss was getting a tad annoying.
And it keeps on getting more annoying, until the point that I eventually had to push him away.
My friends and well- other people, were teasing me a lot today.
I didn't give a shit, and everything soon became a blur.

I was looking forward to going home, and everything was not helping.
Not even Chase and Emily.

After the last lesson, I was placing my books in the locker.
Everyone headed home, and I was alone at the hallway.
By now, Jaxon would have been at home.
Oh how wrong was I.

"Let's stop by at Taco Bell? I'm hungry. I skipped lunch."
I slammed the door, hinting that every action he was doing annoys me.
"No thanks, Jaxon. I'm heading home."
He pleaded, "Please, babe?"
"Pretty please?"
"No, Jaxon. I'm going home."
"Don't make me force you." He threatened.
I smirked. "I dare you."

In a flash, we pinned me to the locker, my back facing my locker.
"I'm your boyfriend. You're following."
I tried to push him away, but failed. "Go the fuck away, Jaxon."
"Babe, you're hilarious." He whispered.
"Can you not?"

I heard a slam on my side.
Our attention was now on a figure.
A figure who probably saved me.

"Get your hands off her, Jaxon Hunter."

And that figure, was none other than Adam.


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