Until I met you

when someone hides so much inside, when someone dies so much inside


1. I met you

Until I Met You

Untold and pent up emotions...
Nothing's going right
Nothing seems correct
It is as if it is not
none of this was expected

I lied I betrayed
I played a traitor
I tricked myself
My mind and all

Love at first sight,
love for a lifetime
things like these
a mere hoax to me
Until I met you
You were the only one
And I knew I loved you

Always in dilemma
I was stuck in a question
Does he love me?
has he some affection?
Is it just me?
or does he feel a thing?

Tired and fed up
Didn't even cared
Gave me nothing
But a pool of tears

My face looked upbeat
like I was in ninth heaven
n there was nothing more, i cud ask for
there was you, there was I
it was everything, I desired
But who knew the truth
who saw what was behind me
that my insides were dying

Stumbling and stuttering
In my own eyes
Deep inside my heart
hopes continue to die

But why should anyone know
Why should anyone care
That I am not what I am
And I am that I am not...

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