The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


15. Trouble in Paradise sweetheart?

My eyes flutter open to the loud screams of fans. I glance at my watch. 7:30am. Strangely, I'm not tired. I grin as I see zayn sitting there, Louis snoring by his side.

"I stayed up all night...but Louis failed.."

I giggle and lean back into niall's arms. They are so warm. I feel him yawn and tighten his grip.

"Morning" he mumbles


He opens his eyes and laughs.

"Looks like zayn made it"

Zayn yawns, his tired eyes looking up at me.

"Can I go to sleep now?"

"You gotta wait for the others to see you"

"Can't you just tell them?"

"Nope" Niall and I say at the same time

I look up at his face. I love his eyes, I always have. He looks down at me and smiles.


I pause


He frowns at me, then pulls me in closer. I sigh and jump in surprise as Liam bursts through the door of the tent.

"Good morning everybody!"

I raise an eyebrow

"Somebody had too much coke last night"

He smiles and sits on the floor next to zayn and starts poking Louis' face.

"Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis lou Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou boo bear-"

He sits up suddenly.

"Morning people"

"Morning" we chant

"Oh...well...zayn did you make it?"

We nod.

"I'm going to sleep now"

He hops into the tent. Louis comes over and sits himself next to me, his arm over my shoulder

"What do you want to do today kat? We have the next week off so (it's tuesday) yeah.."

"Um...I really don't know..."

Niall sits me upright.

"Why don't we spend the day in here? As if we are really camping? No showers, no deodorant, no change of clothes, no chargers for your phones..."

"Yeah, sounds cool. Except we still have real toilets right?"

"Yeah of course"

We all agree and Liam gets up to get some supplies, Niall trailing behind, leaving Louis, zayn and I.

"So katie, you enjoying the time with us?"

I glance at the sleeping zayn.

"Yes. You guys are real friends"

He laughs.

"I'm serious. There's no bitchiness, no talking about boyfriends all the time and no fashion at the mall. Just hanging out, no dramas"

He tilts his head.

"That's true. It's nice to have a girl around, to be able to talk to, you know?"

I glance at his face, studying his worried expression.

"What's wrong Lou?"

He bites his lip.

"Well, there's this girl..."


"And...I really like her..."

"So? Ask her out!?"

He looks down.

"Well, I need advice"

I put a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I guess all good relationships start with friendship"

"I consider us good friends"

"Well it's important to be good friends for enough time"


He sighs.

"Well..there's a..obstacle. I respect her, and her decisions-"

"What's her name? Would I know her?"

"Erm...that doesn't matter....anyway as I was saying. I understand that she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now"

I gasp in my head. I know exactly who he's talking about. He can't be doing this. I shrug

"Then wait until she's ready. She might have ha bad experiences in previous relationships and she might still be recovering"

"What if I can't wait?"

"Well, you can use the time to get to know her even better. As I said before, the better the friends, the better the relationship"

I look into his eyes. He knows he's making it obvious, but I am too. I don't know myself right now, I can't handle any sort of relationship. I just need time, lots of it


He gets up and sits down on the floor as Niall, followed by Liam and Harry come in.

"I come bearing gifts once again!"

"We have games, food, toilet paper..., a laptop for twit cams, more blankets and stuff" Liam says setting down the large number of bags.

"I can't believe you guys are doing this-"

Harry puts his hand on my shoulder

"Anything for a friend"

Friend. I'm friends with one direction. As a fan, I've never even dreamed of him calling me a friend.

"Who wants to play monopoly?" Liam asks

"MEE!" I say


"Bitch please," Niall rolls his eyes

"I'll watch" Harry says, obviously checking his twitter

"After you use all the charge on that Harry you can't get more"

He nods

Louis sets up the board on the floor while Niall helps me replenish my ice, setting me down on the ground once again, leaning against the front of the couch.

"Ok! I bags being the car!" I grab the piece before anybody else can prevent me. (Guys btw if you don't know what monopoly is, which is you don't you haven't live life, then look it up cause none of this will make sense....)

"I'll be the thimble" Niall studies the round figurine

"I'll be da WHEELBURROW!" Louis screams

"God Lou, your so loud today"

"I'm always loud. In loud Louis. Louis the loud. Lou the loud. I like loud Lou..."

I sigh.

"I'll be the boots" Liam grabs his piece and places it on GO with everybody elses.

For the next couple if hours, we battle against each other. I've always been good at monopoly. I throw my hands up in victory

"YUS! I win!"

"God kitty kat, you are good at games" Niall groans

"I try"

I clutch my stomach as it produces a loud, embarrassing, growl

"We didn't have breakkie!"

Niall lays out the food as everybody else's stomachs growl too. I rub my hands together.

"Let us eat!"

We dig in to the cold toast, juice, apples, peaches an bananas. I grab my phone and quickly check my twitter, it's battery at 86%

@JasonSmith: @katie_kat where are you? I've been looking everywhere for you!

@sophiemathew: piss off @jasonsmith, she isn't interested

@jasonsmith: I'm worried about her @sophiemathew

@sophiemathew: well I am too, but you're the reason she can't handle any relationships right now. You're the reason she is scarred for life.

@katie_kat: @sophiemathew thank you for defending me. @jasonsmith fuck off.

I reply to my dad's messages and switch my phone off.

"Let's get to know each other better"

" long have you been playin piano, violin and guitar?" Niall asks, sitting next to me again.

"Since I was 8"

The boys whistle.

"10 years"


For the next couple of hours we chat about nothing in particular, just anything that comes up. Harry looks up after checking his phone.

"I know this might be a sensitive topic katie, but who's this Jason guy?"

I sigh.

"He's my ex. All he wanted to do was get me in bed, so after I refused, he went all abusive on me"

I pull up my jacket sleeve. They peer down at the bruise. I shrug.

"He keeps saying he's changed but I know he hasn't"

"Guys never do" zayn mumbles from his tent

"As Sophie said, he's the reason I'm not ready for any relationships right now. I just want some space"

They nod. Harry scratches his neck

"So...about sophie.."

I ignore niall's glaring

"She really likes you harry"

He smiles and goes back to twitter.

"So katie, are you willing to do a song for us?"

I roll my eyes.

"You have a guitar?"

Liam goes over to the bathroom and pulls out an acoustic, handing it over to me.

"Um ok.... I have an idea"

I type a song into my phone and show Niall what I is. He nods and sits up next to me, the boys on the floor

All I knew

There's a morning when I woke

I know something now

Know something now

I didn't before (sorry if the lyrics are wrong)

And all I've seen

Since 18 hours ago

Is green eyes

And freckles and your smile

In the back of my mind

Making me feel like

I just wanna know you better

Know you better

Know you better now

I just wanna know you

Know you

Know you

My stomach erupts in butterflies as Niall and I sing the chorus together. Never in my wildest dreams (EHEHEHEHEH I'm sorry) would I have imagine singing with Niall. I look down at the guitar and continue to play as he sings his solo. He lifts my chin up with his finger as we sing the last chorus. I smile wearily as I strum the last chord.

"Wow guys, you sound really good in a duet"

I shrug and go to place the guitar down, but Niall stops me and whispers in my ear.

"Do you know Madilyn Bailey's version of Sweet Nothing?"

I nod an start playing (madilyn Bailey is one of my favourite singers. She isn't particularly famous, but she is an AWESOME singer. She does cover versions an they are really good, I recommend you look her up on YouTube)

You took my heart

And you held it in your mouth


With the word

All my love came rushing out


Every whisper

Is the worst

Emptied out by a

Single word

And there is a hollow in me now


So I

Put my faith

In something unknown

I'm living on such sweet nothing

We play a couple more duets, then have lunch. I really like these guys, and I'm saying it as a friend, not as a fan.

"So..katie and guys should write some songs"

I frown. Niall glances at me.

"Do you write your own songs?"

I nod.

"Could you play one?"

I sigh and put down my sandwich, picking up the guitar (I'm gunna use madilyn baileys version of safe and sound instead of spending a bazillion hours thinking up my own- I'm very lazy- anyway, MADILYN BAILEY IS AN AWESOME SINGER and yeah)

I remember tears streaming down your face

When I said id never let you go

When all those shadows almost killed your life

I remember you said

Don't leave me here alone

But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

I try not to laugh as the boys whistle, my voice wavering as I start the second verse.

Don't you dare look out your window

Darlin' everything's on fire

The war outside your door keeps raging on

Hold on to this


Even when the music's gone


I smile grimly as I strum the last chord.


"You should audition for X factor"

"Your really good"

" good"

"Katie, you need to do something about it"

I shrug and quickly grab my phone, noticing the messages.

From: Bitch: Katie I'm really really really sorry! I messed up, I know. I've been so selfish and stupid and generally bitchy. I know that deep down you like Niall, and I've even so olivious. Babe, I know you've struggled through previous relationships, and I know it's really hard to recover, but being with somebody you can trust will help. Niall is right for you. Please, I bg for your forgiveness. I'm heading over to your place now, I'm presuming you have just woken since you sleep in till crazy's 2pm now so yeah. Are you busy? I need to make it up to you

I quickly change her contact name and reply.

To: soph: I forgive Soph, and I shouldn't have said those things to you. I'm sorta out right now...and I'm extremely busy and trust me, you will be very happy/angry when you find out what I'm doing! I don't have time to explain now, but move back in and make yourself at home. I'll let you know when I'm coming home

From: tom: hey kitty kat, I'm sorry I haven't answered your texts and calls, aunt Martha has been giving me ze absolute shits and I haven't had time to do anything! Is everything ok? How did the concert go? Xox

To: tom: it's ok tom, I hope you are ok. I feel for you. The concert went SOOO good, you'll never believe what happened! I don't have one to explain now, I'll do a group skype with us three and explain then

From: daddy<3: hey sweetie, sorry I haven't contacted you, I've been very busy with work. Is everything going ok? Do you have enough money? Love dad

To: daddy<3: everything is fine and we have plenty of money. We have had a great time, especially at the concert, and I hope work is ok. Love you!

I sigh and look down at zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam as they start another game of monopoly. I lick my lips and check twitter

@jasonsmith: @sophiemathew and @katie_kat you can both go fucking kill yourselves. You're both worthless sluts and don't deserve to be loved

I chuckle and allow Niall to look over my shoulder.

"Well, he's a dick-"


I start typing back, Niall watching.

@katie_kat: well, look who's talking. Aren't you the one who said I was a baby for being a virgin? Plus, don't fucking bring Sophie into this @jasonsmith, you're the man whore here, why? Because I know for a fact your proud of yourself since you've slept with exactly 304 girls.

Niall chuckles as I check more tweets.

@HarryStyles: Hanging out with @katie_kat , she's a wonderful singer and needs to be noticed! #spreadtheword #XFaxtor #Talented

I sigh

@1DUpdates: Rumour has it @Katie_kat has been spending a lot of time with @zaynmalik @niallhoran @harrystyles @liampayne and @louistomilson ! What is happening!? Since when do the boys date fans!???

I giggle

@katie_kat: don't worry @1DUpdates I'm not dating anybody a the moment

I quickly glance at Niall to see him on twitter

@NiallHoran Reply to @1DUpdates + @Katie_kat: Yet...

I giggle and punch Niall in the arm. He raises his eyebrows and grins. I know that I have a guy frown already, him being tom, but everybody knows there's a noticeable difference between gay guys and straight guys. It's not a bad difference, an I'm not implying that I have a problem with it, it's just because Sophie dates all of them, I've forgotten what it's like to have a straight guy friend.

God have I missed them.

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