The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


6. The Lead up To the big day

I drum my fingers along the table impatiently, staring at the clock. 10 minutes. I stare down blankly at professor. Jefferis as he continues to talk about biology. I feel tom tap my shoulder from next to me.

"Quit with the finger tapping, I'm trying my hardest to focus on this lesson that the professor has taught us a billion times"

He says yawning. I yawn in response. My eyes slowly drift close. I feel a thump from beside me and jolt upwards suddenly.

"Don't fall asleep now kat! It's the last day of term 1! Don't ruin your 'perfect listening' that you've been practising for the last term"

I roll my eyes and straighten my back, glancing at my watch as I do so. 4 minutes. I sigh and allow my ears to turn on as the professor finishes up his speech.

"So that is the complete food chain statistics for marine biology. Your homework after the holidays is to create an essay re- writing your understanding of what I have just told you. I hope you were listening. I want it to be returned on the first lesson after break. It is worth 45% of your mark, so I recommend you put some effort into it. Anyway everybody, I hope you have enjoyed this term of science, and I'm looking forward to looking at new things next term. Have a great holiday. You may be dismissed once I tell you in...2 minutes"

I quickly type down the homework and when it's due in my calendar on my notebook (whenever I say notebook it means mini laptop. When I say notePAD it means like a real notepad) and collect my books, ready to get to my locker as quickly as possible. I watch my watch count the seconds up to 60 on the last minute of term 1.




I look over my shoulder to see jake smirking at me, wiggling his eyes as he does so. I put the finger up at him and look back down at my watch.




I stand up, everybody else joining in as I count down.

"3..2..1" the bell rings as the class erupts in cheers. I smile at professor. Jeffers as I run to my locker, tom following, trying to avoid the crowd. My mind spins as I turn around and lean against my locker, grin spread on my face.

"Thank god term 1 is over!"I say to tom excitedly.

(Btw guys there are 4 terms in a year, a small 2-3 week gap between them,and 2 semesters in a year, meaning that when 2 terms are over it's the ending of the 1st semester. Just wanted to clear that up in case anybody was confused)

"Yeah! Pity I have to go to aunt Martha's tomorrow. Mum says she has to go to London for a work thing and dad has a holiday experience with his work boss. Says he should go in case it's for a pay rise or a promotion"

He rolls his eyes. I laugh and pull him into a hug.

"Nawww, at least she's not like my grandma joe. Besides, I will obviously be there to send you off"

He smiles.

"Thanks, also it's not aunt Martha that's bothering me mainly. It's that I'm 18 in a month and they still think I need to be babysat"

I sigh and smile back.

"Your still a little baby"

I say ruffling his hair. He is a pretty hot guy, and he's not one of those guys where you can tell that their gay just by looking at them. If he wasn't gay, which I have no problem with, I would probably have asked him out on a date by now.

He points over my shoulder. I spin around just in time to feel the wrath of my best friends giant hug.

"Stop...can' her off.."

She lifts me up and spins me round a bit, then does the same with tom.

"Last day of term, boo yeah!"

I laugh and silently check my Twitter while tom and Sophie talk about some..shit..

I smile to myself as a notification pops up.

@liampaybe: ahh, the rare species of the Sophie. It's unusual to see her in the wild. But @katie_kat is right @sophiemathew, you don't need makeup. I can see right through it and I can tell your beautiful. Don't you dare wear any at the concert. Or ever, for that matter. Same goes with you @katie_kat, you guys are stunning #jealous

I don't bother showing Sophie since I know she will see it anyway. I interrupt their conversation about whatever.

"C'mon guys, we need to go to the corner café to celebrate"

I say, grabbing all the things I need from my locker for the holidays while Tom and Sophie do the same. I wait patiently at the front gate for them. I unlock my phone and reply to Liam while I wait.

@katie_kat: Nawww thanks @liampayne , that's so sweet <3 @sophiemathews is the most beautiful girl I know, and I thank her for the privilege of seeing her everyday. And thanks for the comment to me, @laimpayne I don't wear makeup really anyway cause I'm allergic to nearly all of its type of products...

I put my phone back in my bag as Sophie and tom arrive with their backpacks and all.

"Lemme just text my mum to get her to pick me up at the corner shop at say...4:20?"

Sophie and I nod in agreement. I watch as tom quickly types the message to his mum. The screen lights up as tom gets an obvious "ok" from his mum. He links our arms around his and leans his head forwards.

"Onwards, my ladies!"

We laugh and start walking to the shop. I feel a vibrate cone from my phone as it receives a msg.

From:DADDEH: sorry honey, I had to go to the airport to travel to work early, it's complicated. I'm boarding now, sorry you can't make it to say goodbye! I love you! I'm so sorry I couldn't text you earlier, I couldn't find my phone and I nearly missed the boarding call because of it. I love you so so so so very much, and I'll call you as much as I can xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I sigh and tell Sophie and tom the bad news. They give me apologies and hug me before we take our seats at the café.

"Hello Katie, Sophie and tom! Nice to see you as always! Would you just like the usual?"

I nod at her and quickly picture the large ice Chocolate in front of me as always.

"So ladies, you prepared for the concert Sunday night?"

We giggle excitedly.

"Ahaah, I'll take that as a yes. I'm happy for you guys, especially you katie"

I give him an awwww as Chantelle places down the drinks on our table, giving tom a smile as he pays.

"Mmmm god this ice chocolate is good"

I say as usual.

"It always is" I hear tom say between his gulps of the ice chocolate

"I'm gunna miss you tom! It won't be the same without you. Just me and Sophie...the whole holidays..."

Sophie looks at me with a angery look but i can tell she's just playing.

"Don't be silly kitty kat, it's just for the holidays"

I nod, finishing my drink as I do so. I check to time: 4:15

"Gah tom you gotta go in 5. Sophie and I better get home too, you know, tomorrow is our whole planning day"

He nods and stands up. We follow and gather him into a group hug.

"We will meet at your house to send you off..what time is ok for you?" I hear Sophie ask in a muffled voice caused by the jacket tom is wearing.

"'Bout 8 would be good"

We say our last goodbyes before heading down the path towards home. I bite my lip to hide my laughter as Sophie checks her twitter. I jump in shock as she hugs me suddenly.

"Omg kat thank you so much! Your so sweet! And Liam just practically called me hot!"

I laugh and continue to stroll down the street. I can hear that Sophie in whispering something into her phone as she starts a keek, but I continue to pretend not to hear it just for her sake. I watch out of the corner of my eye as I fumble with the keys, Sophie obviously posting the keek. When I finally manage to open the door, I see a note on the kitchen bench.

Dear Soph and kat

Sorry I had to leave you guys; suddenly needed. I have left some money for you to order pizza TOMORROW night in celebration for the concert on Sunday night. Tonight just grab anything you want from the fridge. As usual I have left other money for groceries. I have spoken to your mother Sophie and she says you can stay at Katie's place until I get back (in 4 weeks/a month). You girls have fun BUT NO PARTIES



I giggle and show Sophie the note. While she reads through it I quickly check twitter for the keek she made. I laugh inside my head as it plays:

It shows me walking down the concrete path. I hear Sophie whisper into the microphone:

"Here we have the rare Katie creature lurking around the streets of Melbourne...she is such a beautiful animal. I wouldn't dare debate with her though: she's so smart she would defeat me in the blink of an eye"

I smile at her kind words, then scroll down to view the comments. Only one catches my eye.

@niallhoran: @katie_kat is indeed a very beautiful creature, and I hope I can find out more about her species at the concert...

I smile and scroll down to see that Sophie has replied to my keek.

@sophiemathews: holy crap I can't believe you caught me in my habitat @katie_kat!!! Ahaha, thanks beautiful <3 and I promise not to wear makeup at the concert @liampayne ... But I can't promise that I won't wear it other places...

I put my phone away and follow Sophie up to my room. We select a movie and before I know it, I can feel Sophie's body weight snoring on my arm. I sigh and lay her down properly on the bed, switching off the blanket as I do so.

Pictures of the 5 boys float into my brain as I dream about sunday. I can't wait to actually meet them... The people who are my idols..the people who I look up to- because they proved that you can follow your dreams. The boy who can play guitar just as well as I can. The boy who taught me that carrots aren't all that bad. The boy with the sexy curls and the beautiful voice. The boy who captured my attention with his caring behaviour. The boy who constantly says "vas happinin" for no reason whatsoever...


One direction.

And before I realise, my eyes are drifting close as my mind continues to dream about the boys of the stairs.

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