The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


8. The Concert.

I try to hold in my screams as the countdown begins on the screen on stage. My heart races as I glance at Sophie. I hold her hands and jump up and down, joining in with the other screaming girls.


I scream again as the 5 boys walk out, Liam welcoming us.

"I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE CONCERT TONIGHT!!! And just so it's clear, there will be a break in the middle to answer question on twitter! Make sure you use #melbourneconcertq&a! Now, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!"

I scream once again along with everybody else as the music to 'Up all night' starts playing. I face Sophie, grab her hands and jump around as we sing along.

Feels like we've been living in fast forward

Another moment passing by

(Up up up all night)

Party's ending but it's now or never

Nobody's going home tonight

I wave up at them as they reach the chorus, zayn waving back at me. I start to sing along again.

I wanna stay up all night and jump around

Until we see the sun

I wanna stay up all night and find a girl

And tell her she's the one

We sing along to the rest of the songs that they perform before the break (rock me, more than this, change my mind, over again last first kiss and summer love) I quickly grab my phone, ready to ask random questions.

"Ok ladies and gentlemen, now you can ask question. We will be answering them minutes"

Niall says using his thick Irish accent. My heart nearly melts when he winks at the crowd. The audience laughs as Niall turns around only to be slammed onto the ground as Louis shouts "STACKS ON NIALL"

When they finally get up and stop laughing, Harry checks the twitter. As they answer the first few questions, he hands the phone to Niall for him to choose. I quickly type one in, showing Sophie as I do so.

@katie_kat: I dare you to bring a random girl up on stage and give her a group hug

I grin as Niall laughs and reads it out. Zayn, being the romantic says that all the girls in the room a beautiful, which is sweet, but he rolls his eyes when the boys laugh at him.

The girls awwww in the audience as Liam jumps off the stage and paces up and down the front row. I look down when he comes over to Sophie and I. I feel his hot breath against my skin as he uses his finger to lift my chin up which makes me look him in the eye.

"You...come on up!"

I laugh as Sophie rolls her eyes.

"Bring your friend too"

Sophie shakes her head and giggles as I grab her wrist and drag her up on stage with me. The boys squish us into the middle of a group hug. Louis hands me a microphone and gets his iPhone out.

"You got twitter?" Liam and Harry say together. Sophie and I burst out laughing. Niall looks at us confused and looks out to the audience.

"Am I missing something?"

"No no! Yeah we have twitter" I say laughing

"What is it? TELL US ALREADY!" Harry says as the rest of the band get their phones out. I type mine and Sophie's twitter into Harry, Louis' and zayn's phones. I smirk at Liam and type our twitter names in, then do the same with niall. They burst out laughing. Sophie and I laugh with them.

"Is it really you guys? Wow, it's a small world!"

I wave at the confused audience members. Liam whispers something to Louis, zayn and Harry. They nod and laugh too.

"This is katie and Sophie. Liam and I have recently chatted to them on twitter. We knew they were coming, it's just weird that we randomly picked them without knowing... Also It's funny cause katie was the one who dared us"

The audience laughs awkwardly. We give them one final group hug before heading down to our spots again. Sophie and I ignore them when thy answer other question, since we start chatting about what just happened.

"I swear to god I'm gunna die if I'm dreaming"

I laugh and punch her in the arm

"You aren't dreaming"

We continue chatting about it until they stop being stupid, which is hilarious. I scream as the music starts playing to one of my favourite songs. I sing along with Sophie.

The one that I came with

She had to go

But you look amazing

Standing along


C'mon c'mon

Move a little closer now

C'mon c'mon

(Something something that I can't remember XD)

C'mon c'mon

Show me what your all about


I've been watching you all night

There's something in your eyes


C'mon c'mon and dance with me baby


The music is so loud

I wanna be yours now

So c'mon c'mon

And dance with me baby

I apologise as I bump into a girl beside me. She smiles and waves it off.

"It's ok..your sophie right?"

I laugh and shake my head, as well as dancing to the music.

"I'm katie. This is Sophie" I point to the screaming girl beside me. She laughs and puts an arm around me.

"I'm Emma. This is like, one of my favourite songs"

"Me too, c'mon, let's dance"

She laughs at my reference, returns her arm to beside her and starts jumping around with me. I tap Sophie's shoulder and point to Emma.

"Hey Sophie, this is our new friend Emma"

Sophie waves and grins, then joins in with our terrible dancing as 'back for you' starts playing. I grin and start singing along as usual.

Whenever I close my eyes I picture you there

I'm looking out at the crowd your everywhere

I'm watching you from the stage yeah

Your smile is on every page now

I take out my phone and film the rest of the song, then start a keek.

"Hey guys! Me and Sophie are here at the concert!!! Eeekk! Just made a new friend-"

I point the camera at Emma. She smiles and waves, screaming and the same time.

"Her name is Emma! Anyway! This is such a good concert! Say hi boys"

I say sarcastically and point the camera and zoom in on the boys. Louis sees me and waves. I laugh and wave back.

"Well, I'll cya for now" I say and end the keek. I check my twitter as the boys have a quick break.

@Harrystyles, @zaynmalik and @louistomilson have followed you.

I grin and put my phone away as Harry squirts his drink bottle on Niall. Niall's cute laughter fills the room as he slips on the ground. When they finally get themselves calm, zayn raises his microphone to his mouth and ignores the giggles coming from Louis.

"Ok, we have four songs left...heart attack, Kiss you, I would and for our last song, we will sing little things"

I scream for about the 100th time as my second favourite song starts to play. I link arms with Emma and Sophie as we jump around and sing. I smile and allow my mind to examine the special moment as my body continues to get caught up in it. This is it. The thing I've wanted most has finally happened to me. I glance up at the boys and study them carefully. I've obsessed over them for years, and now I am actually staring at them creepily, but not just in my room. I'm seeing them in real life.

The familiar tune to kiss you starts playing. I know these lyrics off by heart. My favourite songs that I know off by heart are (although I know pretty much every one direction song off by heart) kiss you, heart attack, rock me and I would. I shut my mouth as they start singing. This time I will just listen, not sing along. I smile and dance along as the chorus come on. I laugh and start singing. I can't resist, not at the chorus.

If every time we


You get this kinda


Baby say yeah


(Btw guys it's so hard to think of the lyrics when I'm listening to midnight memories at the same time, so sorry if I stuff up XD)

If you don't wanna

Take it slow

And you just wanna

Take me home

Baby say yeah


And let me kiss you!

They play through I would with Niall playing the guitar. I examine the guitar with my eyes, admiring its quality. I laugh as Niall gets into the music and starts jumping around. (I wanna be yours now..I'm listening to c'mon c'mon right now..I'm really struggling to focus! Sorry again! Hahah) I smile with tears in my eyes as they finish I would and get prepared for little things. I'm not crying because (do you remember summer 09? god my brain right now..)

Of the boys, I'm emotional because this is a emotional song and I'm just so happy that I get to finally here this live. ( I want you to rock me..XD)

Your hand fits in mine

Like it's made just for me

But bear this in mind

It was

Meant to be

I smile as the boys sit themselves on the edge of the stage, Niall right in front of me playing a different guitar, this time accoustic. I glance up at him. He smiles as he notices me looking at the guitar, and winks at me. I grin and blush furiously.

And I'm joining up the dots

With the freckles on your cheeks

And it

All makes sense to me

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes

When you smile

Your never loved your stomach or your thighs

The dimples on your back

At the bottom of your spine

I sigh and sway with Emma and Sophie as the boys continue to sing. I nearly scream when they finish, in annoyance that is. It's such a beautiful song.

"Well thank you Melbourne for a wonderful night! It's been fun! I hope you all enjoy your school holidays, if not work holidays..or..whatever..anyway love you all and we hope we can see you soon!"

I put an arm around Sophie and whisper in her ear.

"We finally get to meet them properly! EKKK!"

I turn around and hug Emma for no reason.

"Do you guys need a lift?"

I smile sadly and shake my head.

"Nah sorry, we are going backstage now"

I hold up the ticket that is around my neck.

"Omg! Your so lucky! Anyway, we HAVE to keep in contact"

I quickly add Sophie and my contact into her phone.

"Alright, I'll see you soon guys"

As she walks away, I link arms with Sophie.

"Let's go"

We push through the crowd in an attempt to find a security guard. I scan the crowd again and again, but it's no use. I turn to Sophie.

"What are we actually meant to do?"

She giggles.

"I don't-"

She gets interrupted as somebody pushes us to a door.

"Who the hell-"

I get interrupted as we get pushed through the door and into a hallway.

I turn around to see the grinning face of Niall.

"I knew id fine you guys lost"

We grin and follow him down the hallway.

All I've ever really asked for is to meet them.

And now I'm finally receiving my wish.

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