The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


19. Surprise Surprise

I wake suddenly with a spark of happiness. Jason. Gone. Out of action. Possibly, forever. I know it seems like I'm being a bitch, but that guy did some wrong wrong things to me, and he deserves to suffer. I stretch my arm to feel where Sophie is, but frown as I turn over and find it's empty. I raise an eyebrow at my watch. 8:30. I sit on the edge of the bed and frown away my dizziness. I always find I get a period of dizziness after I've been sleeping or laying down for a while.

I walk over to the bathroom to find a note stuck on the door.

To Kit kat

Hey, sorry I didn't wake you up, you looked so peaceful..anyway I've headed out to visit my grandma. She's recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. It's ok don't worry, she's the one I dislike. I know that's mean, but katie don't come after me. I know she likes you and that you find her creepy and that you want to be Nice, but it's a family thing and she's specifically requested MY assistance and you know how she gets when she doesn't get what she wants. I'll be back as soon as I can. Don't text, it does something to her hearing aid. I'll ring when I'm coming home, but expect me to be gone until about next week.

-sexy Soph

I sigh and ignore the urge to go over to her. I know as a best friend I should ignore her pleads and go to her, but she's right. Besides, it is a family concern and I would make It weird.

I flop onto the couch and grab my phone as the morning news plays.

From: Louis: you busy today?

To: Louis: not particularly, why?

I check twitter while I wait for a response. I whistle as I glance at my notifications.




I raise an eyebrow as my amount of followers keep going up as I refresh. I roll my eyes.

@harrystyles: SPAM FOLLOW @katie_kat and @sophiemathew !!!!

@louistomilson: ^^^^^^SPAM FOLLLOOWWWWW AN ILL DM YOU

God you're gunna regret that Louis.

@zaynmalik: hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's their accounts (@sophiemathew & @katie_kat) so follow baby <3

I giggle

@niallhoran: follow these sexy ladies @sophiemathew and @katie_kat and make sure they get more followers than @zaynmalik

(Hey guys I know these aren't their real accounts, jus using them cause they're easier to remember)

@zaynmalik: HEY THATS NOT FAIR

@liampayne: follow these darlings @sophiemathew @katie_kat pweeeeese <3

@katie_kat: thanks guys...but I'm dying from all the notifications...also @sophiemathew 'a grandma is very sick! Show her some support. Hopefully she will recover #prayforsophie

From: Louis: wanna hang at the bridges park?

To: Louis: is that even possible with you guys?

From; Louis: maybe not, but it might be with just us

He's asking me on a date. Great. Don't get me wrong, I like Louis, but he knows my situation

To:Louis: Lou.....

From:Louis: as friends kat, as friends

To: Louis: the media will definitely respect that

From: Louis: as long as we know the truth, it'll be fine

I sigh

To: Louis: fine, but as friends.

I shove some jeans, a shirt, a coat and some vans on and lock the door as my phone beeps again.

From: Alice: we need you at work

I groan. I work at the local pub, but only in the afternoon, sometimes performing when a singer is sick.They gave me the school holidays off, on the condition I work extras on the weekend.

To: Alice: I'm busy, Sophie's grandma is sick

From: Alice: fine. But you're doing my shift on the first weekend back

I chuckle and start heading down the path towards the park. It's basically across from school, which is so convenient for the "relationship ditchers"

I shove my hands in my pockets and look down as a group of smoking men strut past. I'm always nervous around those types. I don't know why, maybe it's their leather jackets or the way they check you out as you pass, but they creep me out. I put the finger up at them behind me as one of them comments about my 'sexy ass'.

I wave weakly at Louis as I spot him across the road, his hoodie and shades on again. I look both ways before crossing, as I've always been taught.



I brush my hair out of my face and smile as he removes his shades.

"I'll put them in when people are around"

"There's always people around"

"Well then, I better keep them ready"

He places them on his forehead. He gestures for me to walk.

"Why did you bring me here Louis?"

"Because I need girl company. I spend all my time with those boys and eventually it gets cramped. It's good to Hang out with a girl who the boys aren't snogging"

I nod

"I know how you feel"

I sit down next to him on the bench

"Tell me about Jason"

Flashbacks appear in my head. Slap. Punch. Fight. Force. I stare at the fountain

"Kat? You ok?"

I shake my head

"Sorry I'm fine. Jason was nice. He was sweet and kind and thoughtful until I refused to have sex with him. He abused me and was really just mean. He is in hospital now, he had an accident. I know it's cold but I'm happy. I'm happy he's dying. There I said it"

He nods

"I understand"

A peaceful, not awkward, silence arrives

" and niall?"

I groan

"I'm not dating niall. I'm not dating you. I'm not dating Harry. I'm not dating Liam. I'm not dating zayn. I'm not dating Jason. I'm single and I plan to stay this way for a while. I can't handle a relationship right now"

"I understand"

"You seem to understand a lot"

"I've been through a lot"

"So it seems"

"I'm an understanding guy"

Two girls pointing catch the corner of my eye. I lean over and whisper to Louis

"We gotta go"

He nods and signals for a cab. I wave wearily as Louis sits in the taxi. I flop down next to him and close the door.

"To king star hotel"

I examine Louis face as he watches the driver type into the gps. He looks at me, but I continue studying his expression.


"Look into my eyes"

"Are you a witch?"

"Maybe I'm a genie"

"Maybe your a sorcerer"

"Maybe you aren't obeying"

He connects with my eyes. I tilt my head and narrow my eyes

"Passion. Stress and relief. Sadness"

He nods slowly

"How did you do that?"

"You can find a lot by looking into somebody's eyes"

"I expect a full reading now" he jokes

"Well, estimating with your situation, passion for your job, but you're stressed. You're stressed because of all the pressure on you. You feel like you're going to breakdown from the constant demand of your attendance. Relief because of me. Relief that you get time with your friends. Sad because there's something you're not allowed, but you want to so badly. Because it's out of your reach..."

He gives me a shocked look


"Any idiot can estimate accurately depending on the persons situation. The hard bit is finding what to base it on, which is when you look in their eyes. Some people can't find the emptions, I can"

He looks into my eyes for a moment, but shakes his head and looks down, sighing.

"All I see is two brown circles"

"That's what people generally see"

He looks into my eyes again, me looking into his. He opens his mouth to say something, but the sounds of screaming girls interrupt him.

"We are here"

Lou thanks the driver, pays while I take a deep breath.

"Good luck with them"

I open the door and allow to guard to guide me through the crowd, Louis behind. I gasp as the guard shoves the doors behind us shut.

"God they are scary"

"The elevator works"

We say our thanks and goodbyes to the guard. I click the button on the wall and tap my foot, waiting for the noise. I jump suddenly as the familiar ding arrives.

"You scared of heights?"

"Nope why?"

He points behind me as the elevator starts moving upwards. I turn around and raise an eyebrow, the clear wall revealing the city.

"It's not that high. What are you afraid of?"


"I love snakes...until they bite you..."

He laughs.

"What are you afraid of?"

I shrug

"That's for me to know and you to find out"

He grabs my hand and leads me down the hallway as the elevator arrives. He pints to a door labels 300

"This is Liam's and my room. Zayn and Niall are in 302. Harry is with Paul in 301"

I nod and go to open the door, but he grabs my wrist

"The boys are down the hallway in the pool. I'll go get changed and grab a bikini that Liam has for dani. He always has a spare. Don't ask me why"

I wait patiently as Louis quickly does so. He comes out in board shorts and with a light blue bikini.

"Bathroom on the left"

I change and discover it's slightly tight, but it's better than loose. I fold my clothes up on a couch an close the door behind me.

"Let's surprise them. I'll go in and distract rhem, you push one of them in"

I nod and follow him down the hallway. I smile to myself as the familiar voices fill my ears.

"WATCH OUT HARRY, BOMB!" I hear zayn scream, followed by a splash. I crouch behind the door as Louis runs in and goes to the other side so the boys backs are facin me. I sneak over behind Niall and grin. Before Liam can warn him, I shove him so he stumbles into the pool. I jump in after him, his blonde hair very visible in the water. I wave at him.

"Gawed ie lurovee uyoou" he gurgles. I shrug, signaling I have no idea what he's saying. I grab his hand and pull him up to the surface.

"Thanks kat"

"No prob Niall"

I quickly crawl out and signal for them to climb out.

"I HAZ game! Ok, get in pairs"

"I choose Louis because he's my boo bear" Harry grabs Louis protectively

"I want Liam because Niall smells and katie is a girl, I can't win with her"

I shrug and stand next to niall, putting an arm around him.

"Looks like I'm with you leprechaun"

"Not a bad choice"

"Anyway. We see who can go underwater for longest. 6 rounds. Last person underwater gets 2 points, second last 1 point, you add the pints over the 5 rounds, the last round is the grand final between the too two teams.Work as a team. You can distract the other team member, but you can't physically touc them"

We line up and count down for round 1



"1! GO!"

I take a deep breath and jump in. I use to edge to keep me down and blink my eyes a few times to see the others. I grin at the blonde who swims next to me, also using the edge to help him. I glance opposite from us to see Liam rise up. I put the finger up at Harry, causing him to cross over his arms, a fake anger, making him rise too. I grip niall's hand and watch Luis and zayn swim to opposite us. I simply stare down zayn, ignoring his smouldering eyes. Niall nudges me and rises up. I ignore the screaming from my lungs as zayn follows niall. I hear encouragement from above as Louis makes faces at me. I roll my eyes and give him puppy eyes. He puts the finger up and rises, me following straight after.

I high five Niall and watch Liam record the scores on a whiteboard, one of the ones used to record swimming times.

Round 1:

Winner: katie +2=2

Second: Louis+1=1

We continue to battle it out with our breathing rounds, Liam writing it down each time.

Round 2:

Winner: zayn +2=2

Second: Niall +1=3

Round 3:

Winner: Harry +2=3

Second: Liam +1=4

Round 4:

Winner: Niall +2=5

Second: Louis +1=4

Round 5:

Winner: Liam +2=6

Second: katie +1=6

I get a drink from the bubble taps as Harry and Louis sit down beside the pool, side they are out. Niall taps t shoulder and whispers in my ear.

"Use secret weapon only we could have"

I frown but giggle as he pionts to my chest. We line up once again, Harry counting down.


I take a huge breath and jump in, the leprechaun by my side. I use the edge as usual and try to not laugh as zayn makes faces at us. 25 seconds pass. 40 seconds pass. Niall nudges me and nods at my chest. I give him a thumbs and and slowly slid down the bikini-top strap on my shoulder. I do the same for the other side as zayn's eyes widen. He rises before I can go any further. I pull the straps up, since Liam will be more mature about it and wot get effected anyway. Niall gives me a thumbs up and swims up. I try some faces on Liam, but he continents to smirk. I cross my legs and put both arms up, holding me down as I realise that it all depends on who can hold the longest. I smile to myself as the faint sound of cheers come from above.

"C'mon kat!"

"Liam! Don't let the girl beat you!"

I swallow as my determination increases at the comments. 1 minutes 30 seconds. I watch as Liam frowns in pain. I ignore the burning in my lungs as we reach the 2 minutes mark. Liam shakes his head and mouths a "fuck you" then rises. I immediately rise after him. I quickly sit on the edge and gasp for air as Niall lifts me up at spins me round


I laugh, cough, and glance at the others as Niall places me down. I shrug at their pouting faces

"What was that you said before zayn?"

He rolls his eyes. I squeal as Harry races up to me and shoves me hard, Niall falling with me. I prepare for impact as I grin for a split second at Niall.

I love how underwater it feels like you can fly. How everything is weightless. I spread out like a starfish and watch Niall as he swims under me. I close my eyes as the boys jump in on top of me. I rise and flick my ponytail as we form a circle.

"Friends forever? Even when one direction is gone, and when katie is old an wrinkled"

I punch zayn's arm playfully and put my hand in with the others.

"And when Sophie joins us we must do a ritual to allow her in our friendship!"

I laugh and swim on my back, floating.

I feel somebody grab my wrist. I allow them to drag me over to the edge. I sit up on the edge and watch as Niall gestures for me to follow. I stand up, glance at Louis and zayn in deep conversation, Harry and Liam tackling. I follow Niall to a glass door.

I smile excitedly as Niall turns the bubbles on in the spa, hot steam rising from its water

"After you m'lady"

I giggle and dip my foot in, allow my body to get used to the water, then step in and sit on the step in the spa. It's pretty big, enough room for about 20 ish people. I smile at Niall across from me

"Nice spa right?"

"Yeah. I so need one of these"

He laughs and dips his head under. As he does, I hear a mumbling from in. I dip my head under and hear the same gurgling from before.

Except this time I know what he's saying.

Why did I not think of it!

It's so obvious now.

Sophie was right.

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