The Backstage passes (Niall/Louis fanfiction)

Katie Hollands is a year 12 student at the Melbourne state school. Once every four years the school hosts a competition for charity. The winner of the competition, such as her best friend Sophie Mathews who won in year 8, receives a special prize that's definitely worth fighting for. Since Sophie won the family pass to Thailand, Katie knows that this years prize will be just as good, if not better. What happens when Katie finds out the the prize is 2 backstage passes to a one direction concert? Why is she more excited after the whole competition is over? More importantly, what happens when one of the most important people in her life changes it forever?

(A/N: this is a plot that's never been tried before, trust me. No clichés. She doesn't bump into "him" at or they don't fall in love when they touch. This is actually a realistic version, so enjoy :)


25. So Yeah, it's complicated

"The boys are in rehearsal, but they have a surprise for us later. Texted saying we need to get ready for dinner at 7:30. They will pick us up"

Sophie reads out the text from her phone. Even though I received the same text, I let her


"Can you believe this? Once we were two normal girls, now we are like, best friends with one fucking direction"


I half listen as I continue to secretly skype with Niall. I have my headphones in, but just do face expressions while Sophie talks.

"And Harry is my BLUDEY boyfriend"

"Such a surprise. Totally didn't see that coming" I say flatly, Niall telling me not to be mean.

Sophie continues to apply make up to her face, getting ready for dinner even though it's only 5

"And Niall is your-"



I roll my eyes and signal for Niall to go get Harry. Silence arrives. I smile deviously as Harry appears.

"Do you love Harry?"

"Love? I dunno about LOVE exactly, but I really like him a lot"

I shift my eyes and smile warmly as Harry blushes a deep crimson.

"Do you think it will last?"

She turns around to face me and leans on the make up bench.

"I really don't know. People say that you don't find your partner until later in life, but he seems genuinely caring"

She pulls some more lipstick out of the drawers.

"Besides, he seems to actually want to be in a real relationship"

I know exactly what she is referring to, but don't comment.

"I reckon you guys seem like a cute couple"

I see her smile in the mirror.

Niall waves and taps his watch, telling me he has to get ready. I wink and wave goodbye at them and hang up as Sophie comes over.

"I wish Louis would stop drooling over you though"


She rolls her eyes

"Don't you notice? He never stops staring at you"

I make a face and apply some blush.

"Well, he needs to realise and accept my situation. Boys just don't feel the pain girls do"

I sigh

"They do so, just not as much"


I twirl the pasta around my fork, staring blankly at the bowl. Conversations drift around the table, bits of information reaching my hearing range.

"C'mon zayn, eat the pizza already"

Just Liam encouraging zayn to eat his 3rds

"Harry, did I mention how handsome you look"

"Not as beautiful as you"


"Niall, when does the tour start again?"

I glimpse him scrunching up his face for a moment.

"Well, it's Saturday night, so 3 ish days"

Louis nods,

I continue twirling my pasta, leaning my cheek on my hand

"I'm gunna miss Sophie and katie"

"We all are"

I look up, suddenly realising all eyes are on Sophie and I. I pull my chair in and sit up straighter as Liam stands up, a glass of champagne in his hand.

"I'd like to make a toast"

I look around quickly, noticing the screams from outside and how the whole restaurant is staring.

"First of all Id like to thank Sophie and katie for winning. The tickets to that concert"

A few giggles escape our mouths.

"Without meeting you, we wouldn't have scored some best friends. You guys mean a lot to us, and I'm sure we will all miss you when we o on tour. There's no way management would allow you guys to tag along I'm afraid, but we will keep in touch and spend all out spare time with you"


We tap our glasses together several times as more speeches are spoken. I sigh and stand up as my turn obviously arrives.

"Personally id like to thank Sophie for giving me courage to enter the competition and to actually go to that concert. I'd like to thank Harry for caring about her and I'm sure you guys will be perfect together. Just make sure you don hurt her ok, I know karate. I'd like to thank Liam for being liam. Without your maturism I'm sure the band would be completely out of control. I'd like to thank zayn for being such a newb at games. Without you're loserdom I wouldn't be able to brag. To louis, for always being there to talk to"

I take a deep breath.

"And finally, to niall, for being my willing pillow"

He grins.

"Thank you one direction, for putting up with our stupid crap and accepting us for the little shits we are"

We sip our champagne quietly, smiling at each other.

"I'll miss you guys"

Harry smiles at me.

"We'll miss you more"


"We promise will be worth it"

I sigh and let them tie the blindfold onto my head.

"Just let us lead you"

I scoff slightly, but allow Liam to guide me with his hand on my back. I continue to grip Sophie's hand beside me.

"This better be good"

"Trust us"

"It's definitely good"

I receive a quick shove from Liam and feel everybody gathering behind Sophie and I. I also feel the black cloth being taken away from my eyes.

"Any minute now..."

I frown in confusion. Louis and Niall walk beside me and grip my two hands, Harry wrapping his hands around Sophie's waist. Liam and zayn stand in the middle of our two groups, laughing and leaning against each other.

"5" Harry says

"4" mutters zayn

"3" Liam yells

"2" Louis laughs

"1" Niall whispers in my ear.

I jump slightly as a loud popping sound pierced the air. I scream in delight.


I snatch my hands back and hug Louis and Niall, them laughing. I stare the the beautiful night sky filled with exploding lights. I see Sophie in the corner of my eye, but ignore her kissing Harry. Strange frustration fills me. Why can't she focus on something OTHER than him!? I shake the anger away and gaze up once again at the amazing colours.

I turn the face the boys.

"Thank you, so so much"

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